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4 Best Handheld Pool Vacuums Of 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

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Majority of people like to save their money more than money, if it comes to pool cleaners; most people choose manual pool cleaners rather than robotic pool cleaners. In spite of automatic or robotic pool cleaners minimize the pool cleaning time although they are expensive.

Inexpensive pool cleaners are in much demand while comparing with automatic or robotic pool cleaners on the market. So here, in this article we have picked the top 4 best handheld pool vacuums for your effortless and doubtless pool cleaner purchase. 

There are various features and types of pool vacuums available on the market. They are confusing and hard to find which is best and better among others. Among the list of hundreds some are finest while some are nothing but trash. Finding the right one will be the toughest job. Make a note which one will be fit with you on the below list of handheld pool vacuums.

1. OASE Pondovac Handheld Pool Vacuum 

The OASE Pondovac Handheld Pool Vacuum comes with dual tank. We will be amazed with its dedicative model and the distinctive way it works. It takes water and fills the first tank until a particular level.

When the level is reached, the vacuum stops for a few moments for switching the valve to the second tank. Again the vacuum restarts to fill the second tank meantime first tank emptied by the exhaust hose. When the tank one is empty, tank two will be full and the cyclic process repeats. 

This regular start stop of the machine will confuse you at the early time of operation but later you will be coped with. Also the user manual will bother you with its unclear explanation. Here we have intimated this function to you so we hope there will be no panic while you operate the pool vacuum at your pool. 

It is capable of working with pools and ponds at the seven feet depth. It won’t relay over your pool’s pump or filter for its operation.

It can clean even the finest dirt from your pool. While the large residues have to be removed with the handheld pool net. This excellent water discards less amount of water than the other pool vacuums. Hence you can save a lot of water from waste.


  • Finest operation
  • Collects even fine dirt
  • Distinctive operation system
  • Saves water


  • Unclear user manual

2. PoolSupply Town Mini Jet Hand Pool Vacuum

The PoolSupply Town Mini Jet Hand Pool Vacuum is an inexpensive product which you can find in the market. This can work well with garden hose, it creates a venturi effect that collects all the large debris from your pool, fountain, spa, or pond.

It can be connected with a standard 1-1/4 pole. It won’t rely on your pool’s pump or filter, this saves energy and puts off some pressure from the filter, this avoids a massive backwashing. Though, the attachment to the hose has a huge chance for leakage. This simple model can be operated without effort. Since the product comes in pieces which you should assemble. Attach a pole and garden hose, and switch it on, start your vacuuming process. 


  • Effortless vacuuming
  • Doesn’t rely on your pool’s pump and filter


  • Leakage happens at the hose connection point
  • Doesn’t collect tiny dirt or sand
  • Average suction

3. Pool Blaster Catfish 20000CL Hand-held Pool Vac

You might wonder whether this product is a toy or a pool vacuum. It is a perfect pool vacuum that comes with a handily on or off button. It has rechargeable lithium batteries. It requires four hours for its recharge and can be run off for 45 minutes. The package has three trash collection bags, among them won’t be helpful for silt or sand collection.

Our recommendation is to add nylon stocking to its length which will help you for completion of the cleaning process. The other two bags are too thick and not suitable for an effective suction process. This equipment is compact and made out of plastic, which won’t last for many years. For longevity you need to do some steps like turn it on before putting it inside the water and turn it off only after taking it out from the water. 


  • Effortless working process
  • Lithium rechargeable batteries
  • Can adopt pole from pool skimmer


  • Won’t last for years
  • Not recommended for sand or silt collection

4. Bestway Aqua Powercell Handheld Pool Vacuum

The Bestway Aqua Powercell Handheld Pool Vacuum works on lithium rechargeable batteries. It is extremely lightweight that you could find at the market. But it struggles to stay down at the pool bottom due to its less weight, so you will end up in trouble with keeping it down to your pool bottom.

It comes with less effective suction. You might notice that it only stirs the silts and dirt in your pool but won’t capture them. It has a small net, which requires frequent emptying. So it takes a lot more time than the required period. The plastic locking over the bet comes from lowest quality material which breaks quickly. Some users complained that it runs once and dies after that. This handheld pool vacuum’s handle is shaky and won’t be durable. There is no return policy. It is good only with its batteries. Think before buying this product.


  • Finest batteries


  • Low quality plastic
  • Doesn’t durable
  • Poor suction
  • Hardly stays at the bottom the pool


Do you want the best for your hard earned money? You should strongly consider our top pick in this list, the OASE Pondovac 4 50409. Like a “shop-vac” for your swimming pool, this handheld vacuum is designed with two tanks which run off gratefully once you know its working function.

We bet that you will be impressed by its easy to operate model which cleans the strain off from your pool pump and filter, and collects everything from your pool. Think before going for another handheld pool vacuum.

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