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5 Best Polaris Pool Cleaners – Reviews & Top Picks 2022

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There is no wonder that everyone knows, Polaris is famous for pool cleaners. It’s been more than decades they are pledged to manufacture pool cleaners with best quality and warranty and they are keeping their oath.

Polaris offers pool cleaners at various price ranges. They have many options, so you can go with your convenience.

If you want a programmed robot or a traditional and direct automatic pool cleaner, all are included in their product list.

Pick the best one for your pool. No worries, we have tried our level best to sort it out. Here in this article we have shared the best Polaris Pool Cleaners with all the information you would like to know while choosing one for your pool. 

1. Polaris F9550 Pool Cleaner

The Polaris F9550 Pool Cleaner comes with a four wheeled robotic cleaner, which will take the entire control of your pool cleaning. The best part about this Polaris pool cleaner is, it comes with ActivMotion sensory technology which will engage the cleaner where the cleaning requires extra care. We bet you that you will be impressed by its unbelievable compact size.

Polaris F9550 is self controlled so there will be no issue for you with in and of. It might be slightly expensive while comparing with other pool cleaners but all your extra money will go worth it with this quality pool cleaner.

Polaris F9550 is completely programmable, allowing you to put it up over the area where extra cleaning care is required. The best thing about this model is along with programming, it comes with a remote control which allows you to control the robot’s path from where you are. With this feature you can easily direct the robot to the dirtier region of your pool.

You might think that it can struggle to clean like other common pool cleaners in pools with irregular shapes, we are glad to say that it has no such issues. Plus it can easily clean even large particles like twigs and leaves.  


  • Extremely quiet and compact
  • Cleans smoothly
  • Easy assemble
  • Easy cleaning
  • Strong mesh filter


  • Expensive
  • Short cord

2. Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 Pool Cleaner

The Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 Pool Cleaner is considered as a budget-friendly model which has some reduced bells and whistles. Though perform the best cleaning work. The one of important things you should consider while buying any pool cleaner is its durability. Make sure the model you pick will last for a few years.

Does your pool lie among the mid part of trees or the specific place where they can get dirtier easily? Does your pool require daily cleaning? Then you should consider the Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 Pool Cleaner.

This model from Polaris is capable of performing this type of cleaning work.  This model will sweep, scrub, and vacuum all types of pool size and shapes because it is powered by triple jets which provide the great energy for cleaning at efficient move.

The drawback of this model is, assembling will be tough to perform. However, you can find videos on the internet, which will guide you on how to assemble the product. This model will take quite more time to assemble.


  • Worth for your money
  • Secure hose attachments
  • Durable


  • Tough to assemble
  • No user instruction
  • Upgrades are required 

3. Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 Pool Vacuum

Are you fed up with white pool cleaners being too contrasting in your dark pool surface? Consider the Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 Black Max is rid of this problem also with an efficient pool cleaning machine in black to suit your dark pool. If your pool has excess salt or chlorine this will form a white surface over your black pool cleaner. Because of its dark colour it often requires cleaning while comparing pool cleaners with other colours. The Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 Pool Vacuum comes with a high efficient pump, which will last for years. 


  • Durable
  • Hardly gets stuck


  • Hardly stays on the pool surface
  • Requires often cleaning

4. Polaris 280 All-Season Pool Cleaner Kit

While comparing with other Polaris pool cleaners, The Polaris 280 All-Season Pool Cleaner Kit comes at an affordable price. You will be impressed with this pool cleaner’s non-stop cleaning at all-seasons. The drawback is, it comes with a small trash bag which often requires cleaning. Also the power unit is not that efficient. This machine is more lethargic than others. 


  • Runs all-season


  • Trash collection bag is too small
  • Less powerful
  • Moves slowly

5. Polaris Vac-Sweep 380 Pool Cleaner

The Polaris Vac-Sweep 380 Pool Cleaner runs super faster. Though the hose doesn’t knot or bind. This will fulfil your expectation with its ultimate durability. It might be a bit expensive but all your money is worth each clean. Make sure the hose doesn’t leak at the connection which will reduce the power of suction. Come user complaints about the wheels which struck. This can be rectified easily. Rarely the wheels come off or even worse break off at the axle. However, it is a sturdy and solid machine while comparing with other Polaris pool cleaners.


  • Fast movements
  • Durable
  • Knot or bind free hose
  • Sturdy


  • Booster pump is not included
  • Leakage in hose reduced the suction power
  • Wheels often stuck or fall off
  • Expensive


You might face a lot of issues while cleaning your pool manually, the best way to turn this off is of course purchasing the best pool cleaners.

But, you should consider some major things before choosing not only Polaris pool cleaner but all other pool cleaners, because you can’t just give away your hard earned money without thinking whether it is worth giving or not. They are:

How often do you need your pool cleaner?

If you want a heavy duty pool cleaner to clean your pool on a daily basis, choose the tough guy for your daily requirements. 

Do you want a robotic or manual pool cleaner?

Both the cleaners have their pros and cons. Manual pool cleaners are recommended for more perfectionists who like to spend some time themselves on cleaning their pool. On the other hand automatic pool cleaner is suitable for people with less time on their hands to spend on their pool cleaning. Also manual pool cleaners are affordable on the other hand robotics are expensive.

Consider your pool size and shape, and choose your pool cleaner accordingly. Make sure the product you are about to buy is worth your investment and your time.

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