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Best Pool Alarms In 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

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Can you enjoy the summer heat? Of course, when we have a cool swimming pool, it is not always safe, especially if you have children or pets.

So how will you keep them safe? Protect them by installing safety equipment like physical barriers and alarms. Which is better for you? If you ask for our advice we would prefer an alarm than a physical barrier. Why? Let’s find the reason by reading further.

Why safety alarms for pool safety?

Pool alarm will alert you before anything unfortunate happens. The alert sound lets you and your neighbors know that something misfortune is due, so that will be prevented before it takes place there.  

Are all the pool alarms the same?

Not all pool alarms are the same; they share a common intention with varying functions like above water floats or tied around your pet’s limb or your child’s wrist, or fixed at the entrance. All these detect anything unusual yet to happen around them. Like all these have their pros and cons, we are going to look deep into them to find the best among them.

1. Techko S187 Safe Pool Alarm 

Are you looking for a pool alarm with an affordable price? Consider Techko S187 Safe Pool Alarm, which mount on the entrance will alert you when any disturbance occurs. So you can have a handful of time to reach your pool before anything unfortunate happens.

You can install it wherever you think it will be safe and first for your reach like gate, window, or any other entry passage to your pool.

If your child tries to reach your pool, this will emit a huge sound at 110dB in volume which will alert you and your neighbor. 

It comes with a bypass button which adults only can access whenever they happen to pass through the alarm without alert sound, but make sure each time you press the button while passing through that way.


  • Cost efficient
  • You can install wherever you think it is needed
  • Bypass button only for adults
  • Louder alarm siren at 110dB volume


  • No way of turning it off while the door is ajar.

2. Poolguard PGRM-2 In-Ground Pool Alarm

Designed exclusively for in-ground pools, the Poolguard PGRM-2 In-Ground Pool Alarm is a permanently installed device which works great for all the time whenever it detects any disturbance in the water. Its unique design ignores the common disturbances such as wind, falling leaves, and robotic pool cleaners but detects any intrusions which are equal to the size of a one year child. The alert sound is 85dB at a distance of 10 feet. In-house receiver with 200 range will keep you alert even if your house is a bit far from your pool.


  • Alarm siren at 85dB volume
  • Small disturbances like wind, leaves falling, and robotic cleaners won’t alert it
  • In-house receiver with 200 range


  • Suitable only for in-ground pools 
  • You need to put key back in for turn off
  • A bit expensive

3. Blue Wave NA4212 Poolwatch Pool Alarm System

Are you looking for a permanent pool alarm with wireless receiver? Think about Blue Wave NA4212 Poolwatch Pool Alarm System, which detects anything that enters your pool at more than 18 pounds without your knowledge and lets you know.  It is suitable for in-ground pools.

How to install this Blue Wave NA4212 Poolwatch Pool Alarm System? This permanent pool alarm needs some drilling and screwing at the side of your pool.

It comes with a wireless receiver which will alert you by sound when the actual alarm is startled by any disturbance.

The receiver works under 100-foot range and so it can cover the maximum length of your house. The alarm is powered by six D-size batteries, and keeps on monitoring them after a certain interval before it goes dead. Just like that the receiver is powered by a 9V battery. 


  • Alert you anything more than 18 pounds enters your pool
  • Wireless receiver with 100 foot range


  • Requires drilling for permanent mounting
  • You need to purchase six size D batteries
  • Zero chance of bypassing without hearing the siren because there is no way to turn it off

4. SmartPool Pool Eye Universal Swimming Pool Alarm

Are you looking for a pool alarm with advanced technology? Then consider SmartPool Pool Eye Universal Swimming Pool Alarm which has advanced immersion technology.

This safety alarm can detect anything more than 15 pounds entering your pool. This safety alarm is suitable for both in-ground and above-ground pools. It needs to be fixed at the poolside with a battery to support it. It comes with a wireless receiver with 100-foot range, so there will be zero chance for missing the alarm. 


  • Wireless receiver with 100-foot range
  • Recommended for both in-ground and above ground


  • Too expensive
  • Maximum chances for false alarm 
  • Lacks sensitivity adjustment

5. Pool Patrol PA-30 Pool Alarm 

Do you want a safety alarm which has to be too reliable and sensitive to adjustment? Stick with Pool Patrol PA-30 Pool Alarm, which has the entire feature that every pool owner would have dreamed of owning for safety requirements.

It is suitable for both in-ground and above-ground pools. The massive sound alert won’t go without attracting your attention.


  • Huge sound alert
  • Adjustable sensitivity system
  • Can be connect with the house-alarm 


  • You need to go inside for reset

6. Lifebuoy Pool Alarm System 

You should consider reliability if it comes for safety. Lifebuoy Pool Alarm System is best known for its reliable system. It comes with the best of all the features which are necessary to look after your little ones.

It is the only alarm that works even if the entire pool is covered. The automatic reactivation of swim mode after you have gone off from the pool doesn’t require your assistance to reactivate.

It has an advanced setting system that you need to install an app in your smartphone through that you can change the settings like sensitivity adjustment, alert system, or checking alarm’s working efficacy. 


  • Works even the entire pool is covered
  • You can swim on the swim mode and which will automatically reactivate after you finished
  • Programmed via Bluetooth smartphone app


  • Too expensive


Safety comes first before everything. Can you dare your little one’s safety for the sake of money? Do some precautionary steps in your pool like, safety alarm or any physical barriers. Pick the right one to keep your loved little one from any danger.

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