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10 Best Pool Brushes Of 2022 – Top Picks & Reviews

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Summer time will be happier with a swimming pool but, at maintaining time you will face the tough part. If you are having the robotic pool cleaner then you won’t need some extra purchase. If you are manually cleaning your pool means you will be having some hard time while choosing the right cleaning brush for your pool.

You can find many products at various prices and qualities. Some are cheap but won’t last long. The high quality products are abundant at huge price tags. We have created this article to assist you in your search to easily find the pool brush at best quality with an affordable price. 

1. Wall Whale Algae Pool Brush 

The Classic model of the Wall Whale Algae Pool Brush is the best pool brush on the market to remove the algal growth. The brush has a tail, this produces maneuverability while you run it down the sides of the pool, which commonly you would give yourself. These features make it effortless to use and you can clean your pool single handedly. Are you tired of back pain which comes after cleaning your pool? Then consider this Wall Whale Algae Pool Brush for your next pool cleaning.

Do you have pebble tec pool and find it hard to clean it’s hard texture? Stick with the Wall Whale Algae Pool Brush, which will support your traditional pool cleaning method. The bristles are made out of nylon, this makes it durable than the regular pool cleaning brush. 


  • Single hand use
  • Suitable for all pool
  • Nylon bristles 
  • Immense grip on the sides of pool


  • Not suitable for steps

2. Milliard 18” Hybrid Pool Brushes

Are you looking for the weight and gentle nylon brush with the power of a wire brush? Stick with the Milliard 18” Hybrid Pool Brush. It is designed with both wire and nylon brush edges.

It provides the best cleaning compared with nylon brushes, though lighter and gentler than regular wire brushes. It has a 18-inch width, and lets you clean the entire pool in a short span. It is also available in curve shape which lets you clean the curves and edges effortlessly. 


  • 18-inch width
  • Both wire and nylon brush
  • Curvy edges


  • Not suitable for vinyl pool liners
  • Not recommended for saltwater pools

3. Blue Devil Wall Pool Brush 

Are you looking for a cost effective pool brush? Consider the Blue Devil Wall Pool Brush, which is a great choice for a shopper who wants to save a great amount of money while shopping. It has a metal reinforced frame hence it will last for ages. It will be well suited for all poles, so you can use it with the one you already own.


  • Cost efficient
  • Metal reinforced frame
  • Well suited with any pole
  • 18-inch width


  • Not recommended for curvy area

4. Daveyspa 18” Swimming Pool Brush

Do you want to buy the lightest pool brush with full size? Consider the Daveyspa 18” Swimming Pool Brush which weighs just 8 ounces only. It is composed of Poly-carbon, so it is not only weightless but also strong. The curve and lengthy bristles cleans perfectly even at uneven areas of your pool. Amazingly, two ends are detachable; this gives you a straight, although a bit shorter, pool brush.


  • Detachable ends
  • Curved bristles edges
  • Weightless


  • Bristles are not stiff
  • Not strong like metal frames

5. Braoses Swimming Pool Brush

The Braoses Swimming Pool Brush comes at the cheapest price tag while comparing with other pool brushes on the market. It comes with a plastic frame with aluminium backing for strength. But the bristles are not strong as it is mentioned in its advertisement.


  • Lowest price
  • Handle attachment and aluminium backing


  • Too short
  • Bristles fall off
  • Quickly rust

6. U.S. Pool Supply Pool Brush

The U.S. Pool Supply Pool Brush is suitable for wall and floor pool cleaning. It comes with adjustable angles. You can get some leverage at a single button press, although it comes with weaker attachment. It has a 20-inch width brush surface area. It is entirely framed by plastic so there is no issue with rust formation.


  • 20-inch width
  • Bristles up until the ends
  • Flexible handle


  • Low quality plastic frame
  • Delicate handle
  • Expensive
  • Bristles fall off quickly

7. Hydro Tools Pool Floor & Wall Brush

Are you looking for a short pool brush for your small pool? Stick with the Hydro Tools Pool Floor & Wall Brush, which comes with a 10-inch wide brush. It is not only short but also lightweight. It is just 5.6 ounces; hence it can be used without pain. This product comes at such an affordable price, on our list this one stands out for its lowest price tag. 


  • Affordable
  • Short and weightless


  • Short brush body comes a lot of time for cleaning
  • Bristles wear off quickly
  • Entire plastic body is not strong

8. Daveyspa 18” Pool-Brush

The Daveyspa 18” Pool-Brush comes 18-inches wide, this is the finest for all pools. This wide brush lets you speed clean your pool. It has a plastic frame which is attached with aluminium backing. It weighs 15 ounces, which is not considered as weightless but it can be applicable for an effortless pool cleaning process.


  • Plastic frame with aluminium back
  • 18-inches width


  • Hardly fit with pole
  • Shorter than the advertisement description
  • Quickly rusts

9. Poolmaster 18” Algae Pool Brush

Are you tired of cleaning the tough algae stain on your pool and want something unique to clean off this issue? Consider the Poolmaster 18” Algae Pool Brush which has steel bristles. This is the strongest bristle that you could find on the market for cleaning the toughest algae stain on your pool. It comes with 18-inches width hence you can easily clean your pool at least time expenditure. It has an aluminium reinforced frame, this is strong and lightweight while comparing with other pool brushes on the market.


  • 18-inches width
  • Metal reinforced frame
  • Steel bristles


  • Not recommended for vinyl or fibreglass 
  • Not recommended for pools with soft finishing

10. Aquatix Pro Pool-Brush Head

Are you looking for the cheapest pool brush? Consider the Aquatix Pro Pool-Brush Head which is the cheapest pool brush that you could find on the market. This model is 18-inches wide; hence you can clean your pool easily with few strokes. Its curved edges let you clean around your pool easily.


  • Edges are curve
  • Metal reinforced frame
  • 18-inches width


  • Bristles wear off quickly
  • Bristles are not evenly arranged


Do you want to put your hard earned money on a great pool brush? You can strongly consider the Wall Whale classic Swimming Algae Pool Brush. This has high quality nylon bristles gripping the sides and walls of your pool, and can be cleaned on a single hand. 

Consider the features and durability of the product before going to spend your hard earned money over them.

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