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7 Best Pool Clarifiers In 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

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What will be the most funnies chilling thing about hot summer? Relaxing or playing in a swimming pool. If the pool water is blurring or cloudy still would you like to step into it? For a perfect and bewitching swimming pool, it has to be clean and clear. Is your pool facing this kind of problem?

We are happy to tell you that you can purchase the water clarifier to rid of this issue. In this article, we are about to share with you the top 7 best Pool Clarifiers which you buy at any market. Among them, you can choose the right one for your swimming pool.

1. Robarb R20154 Super Blue Clarifier 

Do want your pool to be always ready for swimming? The magic on your hands, the Robarb R20154 Super Blue Clarifier will turn any murk or cloudy water into crystal clear sparkling water. This bulky pack comes with many exclusive discounts; we bet this will help you to save a lot of money.

Without clogging the filter this clarifier will get rid of all the particles and sediments from your swimming pool water.

It is capable to work at every temperature and varying chemical range. It takes a minimum of 12 hours for thorough clarifying. The long duration it takes for clarifying will improve the still time duration of the clear water. It is recommended to use at night time for the best morning dip.


  • How bulk you purchase how cheap its price will be
  • Filter doesn’t clog
  • Suitable for all temperatures and chemicals
  • Available at a bulk range


  • Requires 12 hours for effective clarification

2. Clorox Pool & Spa 58232CLX Super Water Clarifier

Are you looking for a cost-effective clarifier on the market? Then consider Clorox Pool & Spa 58232CLX Super Water Clarifier which is cost-effective and best to get rid of all murky and cloudy pool water.

It is recommended for all types of pools with different types of pool filters. However, you need to adjust the pH of the water for effective clarification. If you put it without correcting the pH, then the result will be a bit slightly milky white water. Sometimes you need to put an extra amount of Clorox Pool & Spa 58232CLX Super Water Clarifier more than what they instructed in the pack to get your desired effect.


  • Cost-effective
  • Converts cloudy water clear


  • pH has to be corrected before clarifying
  • Requires extra from the instructed amount

3. Tidal Vision Crystal Clarity Pool Clarifier

Do you want to clarify your pool water without introducing any harsh chemicals over them? Then seriously consider the Tidal Vision Crystal Clarity Pool Clarifier. It comes with a biodegradable and environmentally friendly label hence it doesn’t have any harsh chemicals like artificial dyes and fragrances.

It is the most powerful and concentrated clarifier that you can buy on the market. Within a few hours of introduction, it will make magic.

After eight hours you will get effective clarification. Make sure you only add the Tidal Vision Crystal Clarity Pool Clarifier as it is given in its instruction because if it exceeds it will change your pool water into green color. 


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Biodegradable
  • Free of harsh chemicals
  • Affordable price
  • Quick result
  • Non-toxic


  • The excess amount will lead to watercolor variation

4. SeaKlear SKP-C-G Natural Clarifier

Some common pool clarifiers add some more harsh chemicals into your pool but not this SeaKlear SKP-C-G Natural Clarifier which is made from the recycled shell from the seafood industry.

The SeaKlear SKP-C-G Natural Clarifier is entirely natural, environmentally friendly, and the best solution to turn your milky pool to clear water. There is no issue regarding overdose.


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Natural
  • Non-toxic
  • Made out of the recycled shell
  • Zero issues of overdose


  • Available only at bulky volume
  • Too expensive

5. Rx Clear Super Strength Clarifier

Are you looking for a super-fast solution for your cloudy pool? Then consider the Rx Clear Super Strength Clarifier which works on the coagulation method. It will make all the floaters into a clumpy thing that can be easily cleaned out by your pool’s filter system. However, you need to put some more volume of the Rx Clear Super Strength Clarifier from the instructed volume to get an effective result.


  • Quickest solution
  • Bulk purchase saves more money


  • Not cost-effective purchase option
  • Need to subject extra volume than instructed for effective result

6. Ahh-Some- 11006 Swimming Pool Clarifier

The unique gel formulation of the Ahh-Some- 11006 Swimming Pool Clarifier is different from all other liquid or pellet pool clarifiers. You can put this gel form wherever you want to in your pool, this will work instantly after you soak it inside your milky pool.


  • Quickest pool clarifier
  • Best for cleaning out jets


  • Too expensive
  • You will get too little from huge money
  • Needs multiple clarifications than the other clarifiers

7. hth 67012 Pool Clarifier

Are you looking for the pool clarifier with the lowest price on the market? Then stick with the hth 67012 Pool Clarifier. However, it requires 24 hours for an effective clarification process. Also, a large amount of hth 67012 Pool Clarifier is required for each clearing.


  • Cheapest price over the market
  • Turns cloudy water into clear


  • It requires 24 hours for effective clarification
  • Needs a large amount of solution than the instructed range
  • Requires dilution before using


Do you want the best pool clarifier to turn your milky pool to clear and clean water adhere with the Clorox Pool & Spa 58232CLX Super Water Clarifier, which is not only the concentrated pool clarifier but also best for clear and clean pool water?

This formula will make all the small floaters bind together which is very easy for your pool’s filter system to remove from your pool.

All these require 1 ounce of the Clorox Pool & Spa 58232CLX Super Water Clarifier for 5000 gallons of water. Also none unlike others it doesn’t require dilution before using it over your pool.

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