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8 Best Pool Cover Reels In 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

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Do you have your own pool? Keeping your pool clean of debris and bugs is a very essential task but have you found this a tough job with pool covers? The perfect solution for your issue is buying the best Pool Cover Reels.

You can find much availability of pool cover reels on the market but picking the best one among them will be a tiring job.

We are here for your assistance, in this article we have listed out the 8 best pool cover reels currently on the market, after conducting numerous tests and reading customer’s requirements and reviews over the available pool cover reels on the market. 

1. Rocky’s 3A In Ground Pool Solar Reel – Advance Model

Are you looking for a well built, durable, and portable Pool Cover Reel?

Stick with the Rocky’s 3A In Ground Pool Solar Reel. This pool cover reel comes with easy installation, can operate without others’ assistance, it can cover up to 20 feet wide. It has 2-inch caster wheels which make easy portables. It is suitable for in-ground pools and its baked enamel finishes serve as an excellent option to pick this pool reel.

The Rocky’s 3A In Ground Pool Solar Reel’s entire body consists of hardcore die cast aluminum. After all, the package comes with everything you would look for like a 2-inch castor set, a solar blanket attachment kit, and all hardware items.


  • Ultimate long lasting construction
  • Great portable option
  • Soar blanket attachment kit included


  • Too expensive
  • Require a lot of time for assemble

2. In The Swim Aqua Splash

Are you looking for a lightweight pool cover reel for your in-ground pool?

Consider, The In The Swim Aqua Splash is the best option. It consists of extruded aluminum and comes with telescopic tubes. The package has the entire hardware and attachment kit.

The heavyweight of all other common pool cover reels is mostly due to their handle and the reel ends; in this these are made out of polyethylene which reduces the weight mostly.

You can install it by either mounting it on the wall or stationary. If you want it to be portable then you can also buy castor wheels.  For your consideration, it comes with a five year manufacturer’s warranty. It is also suitable for all types of in-ground pools.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Easy installation
  • Suitable for all types of pool forms


  • Require a secured base for the blanket reel

3. VINGIL Pool Cover Reel Set

Are you looking for the best Pool Cover Reel? 

We strongly recommend the VINGIL Pool Cover Reel Set for your pool. The VINGIL Pool Cover Reel Set can be easily operated by a person who is totally unaware of this product. It is composed of hard aluminum pipe, which ensures its rigidity.

Its embedded strap-like model lets you pull the pool reel without effort. The shaking is eliminated with the lockable telescopic tube. This equipment requires zero maintenance with a large cover size that can be easily rolled up. Even after many years of installation, you can’t find any rusty part out of it. you can install it straight from its package. 


  • Solid and well built body
  • Suitable for all shapes of pools
  • Much effortless to assemble and use
  • Permanent straps


  • Contains medium quality screws
  • Very expensive

4. Intex Solar Cover Reel

Are you looking for an above-ground pool cover reel at an affordable price?

Consider the Intex Solar Cover Reel, it is made up of sturdy aluminum which stands still after many years. It is best for an above-rectangular pool.

It comes with a locking type that eliminates unrolling without our notice and its flexible size puts it under the multiple optional pool cover reel equipment list. Its usable model lets you connect the reel with a metal frame of the pool, so it will be safe and covered for the whole time of the annual period.


  • Affordable
  • Suitable for rectangular above-ground pools
  • Easy installation


  • Can’t fix over the pool edges

5. GLI Pool Products Whirlwind Solar Reel

Are you looking for a pool cover reel with bracket mounts?

Think about the GLI Pool Products Whirlwind Solar Reel, which is available in various sizes. It is recommended for pools which come under 18 to 28 feet wide. It consists of commercial grade aluminium so it will last for a long time and won’t rust. After all this equipment won’t sag while in use. The package contains nylon bearing; hence it can be operated single headedly without needing anyone’s assistance. 


  • Easy installation
  • Available in various sizes
  • Consist of commercial grade aluminum


  • Instruction lacks clarity

6. Doheny’s Deluxe Pool Cover Reel System

Are you looking for a lightweight and easy to install pool cover reel?

Consider the Doheny’s Deluxe Pool Cover Reel System which is made out of sturdy plastic, it stands behind the reason for its lightweight. It can be installed effortlessly. The package contains an attachment kit. It is flexible for both oval and round pools. It can cover a maximum of 12 ml of solar blanket and a length of 18 feet. Even with the plastic material it can withstand for many years. 


  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Instruction is hard to understand

7. Sun2Solar Solar Cover Reel

Do you want a pool cover reel with a gear system? 

Consider the Sun2Solar Solar Cover Reel, which is the combination of aluminium and stainless-steel legs. It is recommended for different types of pool covering a maximum 16 feet wide in-ground pool. You can operate this pool cover reel without anyone’s assistance by gear system. The package comes with an attachment kit and an entire hardware required for installation. Its two ties with large treads makes portable easy. 


  • Solid body
  • Flexible
  • Fit for all shapes of pools


  • Instruction lacks clarity

8. Best Choice Product Pool Cover Reel

Are you looking for a self-installing pool cover reel?

Consider the Best Choice Product Pool Cover Reel; it comes with lightweight aluminium and lasts for a long time with its stainless-steel legs. It features a hank crank so it is easy to carry and also can be operated without anyone’s help. The overall best thing about it is, it self-fastening attachment points.


  • Flexible for various pool sizes
  • Lightweight
  • Easy installation


  • Might be shaky at sometimes


There are certain things to be considered while going to buy a pool cover reel, starting from installation method, length, material, size, type, effortless use, warranty, and other additional features. If you want a pool cover reel with easy to assemble and use, extremely durable, and rust free construction, then we recommend the VINGIL Pool Cover Reel Set.

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