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8 Best Pool Leaf Rakes In 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

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Rakes are the common equipment used in most of the backyard swimming pools to collect all the fallen leaves and other large size trash.

You should rake for all seasons. Every clean and clear pool owner owns the right rake for effective maintenance of their pool with less time expenditure.

It is also used to collect the floating leaves over the pool surfaces and far sides where you can’t collect the leaves and trash from your pool. There are various types of rakes on the market, which are made from different materials, with various sizes and lengths. 

Are you going to buy the pool leaf rake for the first time or looking for a better replacement? Here, in this article we are about to share 8 best pool leaf rakes which you can buy at the market and are pledged as the top models of 2022.

What are the things you should consider before buying the pool leaf rake?


Length of the rake handle is the major thing to be considered before choosing a rake. The length of the leaf rake may vary between 35 to 65 inches long.

Make sure you are buying the matching length handle with your height. Actually, a lengthy handle is best for tall people. Choosing the right length will result in effective and easy cleaning with zero difficulty.


The handle of the leaf rake is mostly made out of metal, plastic, or wood. Do you want your leaf rake to last for a while, then consider stainless steel or aluminum handles.

Wood is another strong option but it will come away if it is used for any tough task. If you are looking for a low price handle then you can stick with plastic handles but be sure because they are delicate.

The Top 8 Best Pool Rakes in 2022

1. Milliard Pool Skimmer Leaf Net 

Some cheap quality pool leaf rakes can make scratches around your pool sides and edges with its sharp edges but Milliard Pool Skimmer Leaf Net has soft and blunt edges that let you scrape along sides of the edges and bottoms with zero damage.

Its upturned lips let you scrape along the bottom lines and gather the trash which is stuck at the bottom. 


  • Its durable ABS plastic frame ensure gentleness over your pool
  • It works both individually or fast attachment with standard poles and works alone.
  • Great mesh bag for trash collection which can even be capable of collecting small trashes.
  • Upturned lip helps to collect all the debris which stuck at the bottom


  • You need to make contact with the trash bag directly for emptying.
  • Works slowly via the water

2. POOL WHALE Pool Leaf Rake

POOLWHALE Pool Leaf Rake, as it is in its name this pool rake can lift a maximum 50 pounds of debris. It helps you to clean your entire pool without emptying the net. Aluminum frames last for a long time.

Large and double stitched debris collectors can hold maximum trash without the fear of tearing away. For emptying, all you need to turn it upside down, the weight tab at the bottom will do the rest.


  • Great mesh trash collector suitable for both large and small debris
  • Solid aluminum frame long last
  • Zero scratches with curved edges
  • 50 pounds capacity for deep bottom cleaning


  • Not recommended for scooping debris at the bottom of the pool
  • You have to purchase the pole separately

3. Rongbo Deep-Bag Pool Rake

Are you struggling with the heavy pool leaf rake, want a replacement? Then consider Rongbo Deep-Bag Pool Rake.

It is just 5.6 ounces only. After connecting it with the pole, you hardly feel its weight. After collecting all the debris from your pool, the weight will be increased slightly then you can lift it up and empty the trash bag.

It consists of a solid plastic frame that stands behind its lightweight. You might think that this plastic frame may be delicate but it is sturdy and also the net is too strong and capable to collect all sizes of trash without leftover. 


  • Lightweight
  • Can easily attach with all standard poles
  • Let you collect the debris which stuck at the side with its straight sides


  • Some customers find it too delicate
  • You need to purchase the pole separately
  • Emptying is tough with stiff netting materials

4. ProTuff Pro Grade Skimmer Rake

ProTuff Pro Grade Skimmer Rake comes under the most expensive pool leaf rakes but it is worth what you spend on it with its ultra durable capacity. It has a double stitched nylon bag and dual layer netting material. 

This design is extremely durable; hence it can withhold heavy debris for prolonged periods. This exclusive model made zero scratch at the sides of your pool. The medium sized mesh is capable of both large and small debris collection.


  • Extremely durable aluminum frame
  • Sustainable winged handle
  • 50 pounds capacity for deep bottom cleaning
  • Zero scratch with its plastic rim


  • Tough to empty this stiff netting material
  • Not suitable for pool bottom cleaning

5. AnSun Pool Skimmer Net

Have you ever bought something with more expectation but got nothing? AnSun Pool Skimmer Net is worth your expectation.

It has multiple screws which prevent its plastic frame from bending or warping. This feature is supportive for effective debris collection. It comes with a wide 20-inch mouth hence capable of collecting large debris in less time. The front lip is great for easy scoping the debris both from the sides and bottom of your pool. 


  • Quick connection made with all standard poles
  • Fine mesh debris collector be the reason behind effective cleaning
  • Sturdy ABS plastic frame
  • Front lip and 20-inch wide mouth for easy gathering debris


  • Rigid edge is not recommended for all pool bottom scraping
  • Slightly expensive
  • Pole has to be purchased individually

6. Evob Leaf Skimmer

Are you looking for a skimmer for daily usage? Then stick with Evob Leaf Skimmer which is the finest for daily cleaning. Plus it comes with half the rate while comparing with other pool leaf rakes.

It will help you to keep your pool’s surface clean and debris free. You can collect all types of floaters from your pool surface. With its fine mesh it collects all types of debris varies from a large plastic bag to small algae. Its sturdy plastic frame is both lightweight (4.2 ounces) and long-lasting. 


  • Cost effective
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Easy to use and lightweight4.2 ounces
  • Fit with standard poles


  • Mesh is not too fine for ant and bug collection
  • Pole is not included
  • A bit tiny for big pool

7. EpoArtist Leaf Skimmer Pool Rake

Do you want the pool leaf rake and pole to be bought on a single purchase? Then consider the EpoArtist Leaf Skimmer Pool Rake which comes with both pool leaf rake and pole.

The pole is lengthy so it is suitable for a big pool. The extendable pole can extend up to 5 feet. With this you can clean both the bottom and the surface by adjusting the length you require. The fine mesh with leaf skimmer is great for all types of debris collection.


  • Quick and effective surface cleaning
  • Extremely fine mesh
  • Telescoping pole included
  • The antimicrobial plastic frame is safe and protective for all usage.


  • Not recommended for deep cleaning
  • Some customer reviews say it is too fragile.

8. Swimline Professional Heavy Duty Deep-Bag Pool Rake

Are you looking for a very strong leaf rake? Then consider Swimline Professional Heavy Duty Deep-Bag Pool Rake which is a very strong leaf rake with a structural model.

The fine mesh bag is great for all types of debris. The mesh bag can be easily detached easily and is good for telescopic vacuum poles. The curved edges are great for cleaning the pool sides. 


  • Big and fine mesh bag
  • Very strong leaf rake
  • Curved edges
  • Made out of safe materials


  • Pole is not included


Always choose something great on your hand. Extendable poles are best for multiple people. Lightweight rakes reduce hand fatigue. Look for a rake with a replaceable handle. Consider the model and material of the rake before picking. 

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