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6 Best Automatic Pool Timers for Your Filter System

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In this article, we will discuss the best automatic pool timers for your filter system. It is very useful for keeping our pool water clean sterile.

Let us review the top automatic pool timers for the filter system. It carries the water from the swimming pool and circulates it through the filter to remove bacteria. Then, it cleans the water and returns the water as clean. Here are some of the topmost automatic pool timers for your filter system. 


What Are Automatic Pool Timers?

An automatic Pool Timer is an essential device to maintain your swimming pool clean with less amount of power supply. It has timers for using a filtration system, to turn on & off for reducing your electricity usage, meanwhile maintain your pool water as it should be clean. And also suggest you use your filter system for a minimum of 8 hrs/day, which makes your swimming pool clean, by using a filter system at once. 

Types of Pool Timers:

  • Mechanical Timers
  • Digital Timers

 Mechanical Timers

A mechanical swimming pool timer is large and seems not good, but the price is not so high. It has a wired timer, very simpler to handle. And also effortless to set up the timer anyone can do. 

Digital Timers

Digital Timers look like smartwatches with high-tech technology. It has some control systems like composing, fountains, and so on. It can also be available as an LED display for the smart system. Some features like Bluetooth, programmable actions, off-ground sanctuary. It is very costly but has a lot of features.

Top 6 Automatic Pool Timers for your filter system

1. Woods Outdoor 7-Day Heavy Duty Digital Plug-in Timer

Woods Outdoor is a 24 x 7 programmable timer, which allows you to use it for each day or set a timer on weekdays/weekends. It has a digital LED display to control your pool filtration system to turn on & off. It has some features like a self-charging timer.

2. Honeywell Aube 7-Day Programmable Timer

Honeywell Aube is one of the topmost pool timers for filtration systems. It has works on both 7 and 14 days programmable timer with three modes. It has features like turn on or off as manual or automate. It mostly works more than 16 hrs/day.

3. Intermatic Outdoor Timer

Intermatic Heavy Duty is one of the topmost automatic pool timers for filtration. It doesn’t have any options to set up a timer. To set timer, it has 2 pins to start and stop the timer. It has comes along with water-resistant. To start the timer, press the green color pin; to stop the timer, press the red color pin.

4. Woods Outdoor 24-Hour Heavy Duty Mechanical Timer

Woods Outdoor, is a mechanical timer one of the most famous timers in the market. It has to set up the timer on fence for 24 x 7, from Woods should be a good choice to buy. A timer has placed in closed metal box with gearbox.

5. Intermatic 24-Hour Mechanical Timer

Intermatic mechanical timer helps you to clean the pool water as filtered with light systems; and also has extra features off-ground. It is placed in the wall for security. 

6. GE Z-Wave Plus Direct Wire Smart Switch

Z-wave is an automatic pool timer, it can be controlled by using the mobile phone or an Alexa. It has comes along with closed, waterproof in outside. It can be used with less amount of current usage, it will help you to clean your pool as clean.


If you having a swimming pool, then you should buy the timers to filter the water, it will withstand for long years. It is very useful to make your pool water as disinfectant. We have reviewed the best automatic pool timers, for your guidelines purpose. It is one of the simplest ways to use and reduce the power usage and also make fun with it.

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