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5 Best Pool Vacuum Heads Of 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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Your swimming pool will give you immense pleasure while spending your quality time in it but, the pain stalking part comes when it requires proper maintenance. If you skip the regular maintenance process which will leads to dirty and contaminated pool.

A huge range of debris will accommodate your pool at this state there you should need to buy a new pool vacuum head to reduce the cost of professional pool cleaning service.

Make sure you have spend a good amount of money on a best pool vacuum head to reduce the time and cost expenditure for your pool maintenance. But you might mislead to wrong products because there are hundreds of pool vacuum heads available in the market so you should know which one is better and convenient for your pool maintenance.

Here in this article we are about to convey the best 5 pool vacuum heads available in the market which you can trust for spending your hard earned money over them.

1. Milliard Sea-Thru Triangle Pool Vacuum Head

The Milliard Sea-Thru Triangle Pool Vacuum Head has a unique model, which comes in triangular head. It can clean any rear end of your pool, which were hardly touched by your previous square or spherical pool vacuum head. The vacuum port attach with both 1-1/4 and 1-1/2 optimal vacuum hose.

This avoids the struggle for finding the perfect fitters. It is designed as plug and play model. The sharp head of the vacuum lets you see through your front area without any hindrance.

Its moderate weight keeps it submerged in your pool bottom and rubber pumpers prevent scratches or tear on your pool liner. 

The nylon bristles are arranged in a exact angle which will suck the dirt into the suction port likewise it is designed. It can operate on a particular surface over and over without leaving a slight fear of damaging your pool. The model sticks with your pool’s bottom which makes it hard to move around your pool surface.


  • Fits to the bottom
  • Cleans all the rear ends
  • Visible via head
  • Funnels dirt to hose
  • Connects with both 1-1/4 and 1-1/2 hoses


  • Hard to move around 

2. Swimline HydroTools 8110 Pool Vacuum Head

The Swimline HydroTools 8110 Pool Vacuum Head has an attractive half-moon-shape. It has the required weight of 1-1/2 pounds which allows it to stay at the bottom of the pool. Though it is not weight as it has to be, but still it functions well. It can fit with both 1-1/4 and 1-1/2 vacuum hose. Hence it doesn’t require any additional adopter. 

It comes with numerous brushes both at the front and rear curves. Like your expectation the bristles are replaceable.

Wear off of the bristles is a common issue, but if they are cheap and replaceable then it will be great to avoid spending a lot of money to buy one new vacuum head. This model has great suction.

Although, it directly touches the bottom of the pool, this makes it hard to move around the pool.

It only moves ahead and suctions when you push it harder. The head will tilt up and lost its contact with the bottom of the pool. It comes at lowest market price because of it is made out of cheap materials. So there’s no hope for its durability. Though, you can enjoy its short span with best pool cleaning.


  • Great suction
  • Bristles are replaceable
  • Connects with 1-1/4 or 1-1/2 hose


  • Made out of cheap materials
  • Won’t last
  • Require some more weight to be stay down

3. ATIE Pool Supply Town 90455 Pool Vac Head 

The ATIE Pool Supply Town 90455 Pool Vac Head is considered as one of the best professional-grade pool vacuum head produces finest suction, required weight to stay at the bottom, and its urethane wheels rolls smoothly. 

You can easily operate this pool vacuum head. It goes deep down to every corner of the pool surface.

Since it doesn’t come with its own brushes, you need to scrub on the dirt and algae on yourself using a brush or scrubber.

It will suck-in all the dirt on its way. You will be stressed out to find the right vacuum fitting hose for its 1-1/2, so you suppose to purchase the adaptor for its well fitting. However, it can’t go further at corners because the wheels are unable to reach those spots, it only can be move round back and forth only. 

Maximum part of the machine is made out of metal so you need to be extra conscious over rust formation. Wipe them well to prevent rust formation. 


  • Weighs enough to stay at the bottom
  • Great suction
  • Effortless maneuver
  • Durable


  • Prone to rust and corrosion
  • Require adopter 
  • Only attach with 1-1/2 hose

4. Swimline Weighted Flex 8150 swim-pool Vac Head

The Swimline Weighted Flex 8150 swim-pool Vac Head has the enough weight to stay at the bottom level of your pool.

It can either be fixed with 1-1/4 or 1-1/2 vacuum hose. But the issue with it is, it doesn’t fit with the hose, it often coming off even after using duct tape to tight them. The head is made out of metal to keep them immersed in the water level to place them at bottom of the pool.

There is no plastic or rubber coating over them to protect the machine from the water corrosion. So you should put some effort to keep them out of rust or corrosion. The rust will get into your pool pump and filter.

At the junction of head and pole, there is a spring which keeps the head facing down. Once the head is dissembled, it will be very hard to put the spring in its place. After that it will very often pop off.

You can’t be sure whether you put every part in a right place at the time of assembling because it has no user manual. The head is flexible as it is required but it is too weightless. You need to push it inside the water to reach the bottom. At the early start you will be pleased by its performance but later you will regret.


  • Finest suction
  • Great flexibility


  • Head is not weight as it required too be
  • Steel will get rust
  • Spring often pop off
  • Unstable hose connection
  • Metal surface lack coat

5. U.S. Pool Supply VH-710 Pool Vacuuming Head

The U.S. Pool Supply VH-710 Pool Vacuuming Head comes in triangle shape. It has brushes but not a bristles, this often comes off. There are clips which hold the brushes are totally a disastrous form because they are deformed and good for nothing to hold them. 

Factually, they go into the hose and skimmer basket. Once the brush comes off, the suction elevates and glued to the bottom this becomes hard to move them away. You suppose to turn off the pump to release them or you need to bend your pole. 


  • Great suction


  • Lacks durability
  • Brushes befall
  • Require some more weight
  • Glued to the bottom
  • Poor customer service 


We recommend you to consider our top pick, the Milliard Sea-Thru Triangle Pool Vacuum Head. This has enough weight to stay at the bottom of your pool.

It has the finest suction power and traps the dirt and passes them over to the hose, and able to reach all the rear ends where other regular pool vacuum heads can’t reach. After all spend your hard earned money one a right product, think twice before purchasing any product.

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