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Bestway Fast Set Pool Review 2022 Pros, Cons & Verdict

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What can be more pleasant than spending the hot summer in a cool swimming pool? Bestway and Intex are the two most popular companies best known for their quick set pool such as fast set pool from Bestway and easy set pool from Intex.

Nonetheless both companies provide economical pools, among them Bestway comes with the lowest prices. Does it mean it lacks something important? Will it prolong as long as the other? For all your questions, we are here for your support to guide you on the right way. 

We have purchased each one product from these brands for comparison study and here we are about to share our experience with the Bestway pool.

Overall experience about the Bestway fast set pool

We are only 75% satisfied with the Bestway fast set pool because it lacks an efficient pump, which is not valuable. It lacks the ability to keep clear pool water, so we are supposed to change it.

Also their customer service is too bad. Though the warranty policy is not too bad, they take a lot more time to resolve any issue. If we neglect the features of the pump and customer service, it is quite great. You can feel the premium quality manufacturing at the sidewalls. You can go straight for its set up after once watching the assembly guide on YouTube. 

How to assemble The Bestway Fast Set Pool? – Set-Up

The manual reads that the assembling process of The Bestway Fast Set Pool would take maximum 15 minutes and minimum 10 minutes. But it is impossible with its unclear user manual.

We’ve looked out for The Bestway Fast Set Pool assembles video on YouTube. Though we were a couple of people, it took more than an hour to complete the set-up even after preparing the ground for the pool set-up.

The toughest part in the set-up of The Bestway Fast Set Pool is leveling the area where you want to set it up. One side of the wall will be bulged if the leveling is not perfect. Even before filling the other side the water will spill out because of poor leveling. This can even lead to a complete wall collapsing.

We took solidly more than a couple of hours to make sure the floor is leveled properly and free of sharp objects. All your effort is worth full once you set-up the bestway fast set pool completely.  

How effective is the pump coming from the Bestway Fast Set Pool?

The Bestway Fast Set Pool kit comes with its own pump. Unexpectedly this pump is too tiny. We left with a poor impression of the product.  It isn’t worth it at all. Our advice is to switch to a better pump once you bring The Bestway Fast Set Pool.

Or add the pump to your purchase list while purchasing The Bestway Fast Set Pool. Our recommendation to you is, purchase the pool and pump separately.

Pumps are not required for a small pool set up. Do you have kids? If your answer is yes, here you go, they will stir your pool better than us adults who just simply sit around the pool. Kids are the primary users who will stir the pool water better for sufficient chlorine level all over your pool.

Even a pool can work without a pump, when you clean the filter at each time of use. If you don’t possess filters which remove body oils, body creams, sunscreen lotions, and other possible toxic compounds, these will end up eating your pool liner. When your pool doesn’t have a pump but is still clean, this will last more than four years. If your pool doesn’t have a pump and is not clean then it can only last a couple of years only.

How much does The Bestway Fast Set Pool will cost?

The Bestway Fast Set Pool is available in different sizes that comes under $75 to $200. You can get it that it is highly affordable despite what your budget is. Hence you will be left with a lot of money from your savings. They can be used for other purposes or might be included for better pump investment. 

What is the required maintenance for The Bestway Fast Set Pool?

We are happy to say that The Bestway Fast Set Pool won’t require a lot of maintenance like other pool set-up. All you need to do is, check for enough chlorine’s presence once every one or two days, if it lacks the required amount add some to keep up with the standard chlorine level because chlorine is the best sanitizer for your pool water.

Let your pump run for at least eight hours in a day if you have one. Plus you need to buy a skimmer to remove the debris from your pool water.

How long will The Bestway Fast Set Pool last? – Durability

The Bestway Fast Set Pool comes with well built walls from three-ply heavy-duty material. You can confirm their strong nature with your touch itself. So you can freely let your kids play in it without a single ray of doubt over the breakage. Plus it can do well even in extreme hot temperatures.

But the cover won’t last a long time. It will go off when it contacts the UV light. However, any sharp object can be able to puncture the side walls so make sure you don’t let them puncture your best entertainment. Also don’t let your pets which might puncture your pool with its claws.

The air ring does not come with the same heavy-duty material like the sidewalls. It can easily get even a tiny pin, but that won’t let the entire air go off. Always keep the repairing material on your reach. Who knows, even cute little birds might be the culprit behind your pool’s air leakage problem.

You can expect your Bestway Fast Set Pool to last for four years but after that it will require a lot more air fillings each time than the previous time.

How better is the Bestway Fast Set Pool Warranty policy?

The Bestway provides only minimum warranty over any manufacturing defects detected during the time of product opening. Or any damage occurs during the common usage period which comes under the limit. They issue the entire list of restrictions in their user manual, if any changes occurred to the system by the user can’t be covered by the warranty policy.

When you sense any warranty issue you need to contact the Bestway customer service center to submit an issue notice. Keep a photocopy of the original bill receipt, the batch number of the product, and a picture of the damage beforehand while contacting the customer service. 


  • Affordable price
  • Fast and easy assemble
  • Durable
  • Different sizes available
  • Effortless maintenance
  • Long last for more than three to four years


  • Require perfect leveling
  • Bad pump
  • Prone to puncture
  • The type V pump cartridges are tough to find
  • UV light dissolves the cover


The Bestway Fast Set Pool will be the great option for the one who doesn’t own a pool or wants to have a pool with a cheap price. The Bestway Company builds amazing products in high quality under low price.

There are some people who like this product and others who don’t, it all depends on their level of expectation and point of view. But it is worth having for enjoyment with your family and friends.

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