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How To Select The Perfect Diving Board For Your Inground Pool

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Everyone will love to dive in water like a fish. All we need is the best diving board and a little bit courage. We are born swimmers but later we forgot that thing. Some only practiced it again.

Even though a good swimmer can meet accident while diving so, what are the points we should consider before buying a diving board? In this article we are going to share you some of the perfect diving board for your inground pool. Make use of them.

Diving boards

Do you want to dive like an Olympic diver? My apology, they are possible only at the swimming pool with the size of football court. So you can’t buy that mighty diving board. Still there are residential diving board which are come in varies size and models. You can choose your type among them. They are further classified into two types they are,


As in its name it has a spring bass. This will help you to do a perfect bounce before you dive. This spring is visible at some product or you can buy a cantilever design which has invisible springs. Springs will give you immense power to bounce in air and dive. If you are placing it on high floor means you should have a deep swimming pool so there will be little chances to hit the bottom. 


The diving board without spring is known as platform board. The reason is its base will be fixed with the floor. These types of diving boards are common in most residential swimming pool. It will give you the feel of cliff diving with its rock surface. 

Prevent Severe Injuries

The most important thing to be considered before buying any diving board is the diving envelope. This is the area where will be the diver meet the pool surface and the depth and distance he/she could suppose to travel.

Be sure the pool is not shallow, or small. Make sure your pool isn’t too small and shallow. If so the diver would meet an serious injuries like bone breakage, paralyze, coma, or even death. 

A pool with diving board should be deep and long. If you are having a small and shallow pool means fix the diving board just above the water level. 

Diving Envelopes and Types of Pool

You should need to take some measurement of your pool before buying a diving board for it. if it is newly built swimming pool means you will have these information which your builder supposed to be hand over it to you.

If you  think placing the diving board is a bit risky thing then you can hire a professional who will handle everything or do you want to do all these by yourself means you should know certain things like, you should take specific depth measurement, width at the four corners, and the space gap between certain points.  All these will help you to choose which type of diving board is suitable for you and how high you can place them. This should consider the extra fittings like ladders, steps, and water falls in your which because the diving envelope should be clear off from all these accessories.  

If you know what is your diving envelope and the type of your pool, you can directly go for your diving board. 

Exciting things

 Safety is first, and then you can look for fun things. Diving boards have different things which will nourish your mood on pool time. 


Currently you can buy a board sleek, modern shapes, and bright colours and different materials including wood and natural stone. Some models have non-slippery coat over a colourful board.


Diving boards with colourful LED light striped end will excite you. This will lighted your mood. If you have a board but without LED light, you can add this LED strip to the end of your diving board. 

Avoid Corrosion 

Do you have a problem of salt water which will make corrosion to your diving board? There are Saltwater pool friendly diving boards available on the market. This will prevent the rusting stain on your pool deck. 

Things to be considered

Safety Recommendation

Paste an enduring label on your diving board which should has the manufacturer’s name, address, date of manufacture, least diving envelope, and weight limit. 

Use only non-slip board and regularly check its presence and note the time of its replacement. 

Make sure you don’t install any accessory at the area of diving envelope.

Make sure your diving board shouldn’t be a danger to the swimmers so it has to be placed as much as far from this issue.

Technical Specifications

Even a small mistake in installation can be the reason behind any severe injuries. So don’t hesitate to call the professional for diving board installation.

Are you building a new swimming pool? Don’t forget to add jig. Jig is a metal base for the diving board. Addition of jig is a tough job and it requires a lot of safety measures to be done before building one. So don’t think too much to take professional’s assistance.

Plus do you want to replace the existing diving board? You should know the bolt patter of your jig. 


Installing a new diving board needs much more than choosing an aesthetic board. All these have to make a promise of your beloved one’s safety so don’t neglect the safety consideration which is too mandatory for your diving board.  

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