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Dolphin Oasis Z5 Review

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We are living in a modern age where we look for our convenience in all our deeds. We simply expect things to happen without sparing too much time over it. We all have machines which can work on behalf of us. Mostly it works with the cleaning process, we hate to touch the dirty things, so we installed washing machines for laundry, dishwashers, vacuum cleaner for floor, and so on. What is unusual about pool cleaning? Now you can buy robotic pool cleaners which get at the most bottom to do the job. In this review article we are going to see about Dolphin Oasis Z5. Is it really worth your money?

Dolphin Oasis Z5

The Dolphin Oasis Z5 is a modern robotic pool cleaner designed by Maytronics. Maytronics products are focused on the stress-free pool cleaning. This Model is suitable for all type of inground pool’s floors like tile, vinyl, or plaster. It comes with tangle-free cord which allows it to move freely up to 50ft without struck.

Along with CleverClean technology provide a map route where it can go all over your pool without facing any hurdles. It comes with top loaded model so you needn’t to turn this robot upside down to remove the debris of its collection. It comes with double enlarged filter compartments. The workhorse split brush cleans back and forth the dirt and algae meantime its two commercial drive motors allows it to run faster to avoid any hard situation. 

Dolphin Oasis Features

  • Cartridge filter-issueless maintenance
  • Guided navigation by remote control
  • Tangle-free swivel cord
  • CleverClean Technology-Scanning
  • Scrubs, Vacuums, and Filter within 2.5 hours
  • Easy to repair with modular design 
  • Easy portal and storage by caddy
  • Less cost spent for each cleaning
  • Large filter camber collects both micro and macro particles
  • Ready to use – Make sure it is placed flat position on the floor
  • Self-programmed for standard scanning
  • 3-year warranty with includes all parts until the warranty period.

Why you should consider this Dolphin Oasis Z5?

How long you want to spend on your pool, for relaxing but not for cleaning it? Many people spending there pool time mostly on pool cleaning than relaxing. What do you prefer? We bet you must want to enjoy your pool time but without any worry about its cleaning work. Are you the one who prefer to relax your summer vacation in your pool?

But, before soaking into it, you should make sure it is in right condition. You can’t look after your pool and moreover you should spend your time wisely, so what is the solution. Consider an automatic pool cleaner which will do the cleaning part without bothering you. There are numerous collections of automatic pool cleaners are on the market but how to select the right one for you? Consider some important features. They are very much abundant in The Dolphin Oasis Z5.

Tangle-free Swivel Cord

The Dolphin Oasis Z5 comes with 60ft floating tangle-free swivel cord which stands behind its unstoppable navigation during each cleaning period. It allows it to wander freely without a need of surveillance. You don’t need to stand behind it to take care of tangling issues. It runs all over your pool without getting struck by cable tangling. 

CleverClean Technology

CleverClean Technology in this machine put a map for a possible route and reason behind its effective cleaning. It also makes sure that not even a single area was left out from the cleaning work. Plus it finds out any obstacle on its way and finds another path to clean that particular area. Before starting the cleaning session makes sure there is no other object in your pool than the robot. 

Weekly Timer

The In-built weekly timer makes sense that it is an automatic pool cleaning machine. This allows you to fix the cleaning schedule like every day, every other day, or once after three days. It keeps your pool’s cleaning on check even you were not there to look after it. 

Bluetooth Compatibility

Are you worrying about tough dirt in your pool? To rid of it you no need to clean them manually. Install MyDolphin app in your smart phone. Via this app you can control your robot, like you can move it around your pool just with the assistance of this app. You can easily remove any stubborn dirt with this feature.

Two Layer Filtration Systems

The Dolphin Oasis Z5 comes with two different filtration systems. They are, Ultra fine filter composed by pleated polyester modelled for exclusive micro dust, and fine filter with mesh like model for macro particles like leaves, bark, plastic bags, and etc., all these are functioning at the top part of the machine, which reduces the problem of its maintenance.  


  • It has an effective scrubbing. So your pool will be clear and clean at one clean.
  • It comes with cartridge filters, so easy to access
  • Perfect scanning, not even a single square will left out
  • Cost efficient, it gives what paid for it
  • It consumes comparatively less energy than other products
  • It comes with 3-year warranty.


  • A bit expensive but worth paying
  • Relatively heavy after it gets wet
  • Some users says that it struggles a bit where algae grown a bit denser.

Why it is worth buying?

It gives out an unbelievable cleaning. 

It needs no watching over, all you have to do is set the schedule, plug in, place it flat on the pool’s floor, and switch it on.

It consumes less time while comparing with its fellow runners on the market. 

It can clean and collect all size of trashes from your pool without left over. Along with that it can clean stair and even some harder surface where we can’t get easy access. 


Future will run with robot and so the pools. Be some advance, stop bothering yourself over manual pool cleaning give away your burden on the hands of technology which will handle it without increasing your headache. Its excellent model and ultimate feature adds a bit to its price tag.

Though your money is not spent on a wrong product, it will give you an effective cleaning with no flaw. It doesn’t require your supervising.  Filter can be removed and replaced effortlessly with top loaded model. Are you looking for premium quality robotic pool cleaner? Then, strongly consider this Dolphin Oasis Z5, it is worth for your money.  

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