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Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner Reviews 2022

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Why do people rate Dolphin Premier as the number one robotic pool cleaner? What wonder is there in it? Does it have any cons, if so what are they? In this article we are about to unveil the truths about this top rated Dolphin Premier robotic pool cleaner. 

Why is it best from others?

The reason behind buying robotic pool cleaners is cleaning. It has the great filtration system. It has very finest tech features and capable to clean maximum 50 feet inground pool within 3 hours. You can clean any extend of your pool without the assistant of any extension box, by the 60 foot cord.

Work tension free with multi-media filtration system done its job without any tiny dirt left out. Smart Navigation map control its cleaning move, so no place will be left behind. Dual 24-volt, 180-watt DC motors workhorse done the job gladly.

The LED indicator will alert you when the debris bag needs to be discarded. You can clean your pool remotely by remote controller. Swivel cord ensures your cord will be tangle free. You can set schedule for weekly cleaning with smart control weekly timer.


The Dolphin Premier has multimedia filtration which has 3 filter choices. They are Bottom-load fine cartridge filters, Ultra-fine cartridge filters, and a massive fine filter bag. Cartridge means you can easily remove and replace without putting too much effort. Plus it can be cleaned by hose very easily.

If it is used in conjunction with 4 various cleaning modes, this tiny robot can collect all the debris from micro to macro particles. If you don’t found about cleaning and replacing the debris bag means you can buy disposable filter bags. This use and throw bags are very much capable to hold all kind of debris. Even though the machine is washable still it requires cleaning via hose out.     


The Dolphin Premier clean your pool efficiently with its excellent navigation system and smart scanning features hit the debris from the walls, corners, floor, and water pipeline of your inground pool. It can reach even the hard area where we can’t get access easily. 

Energy Saver

Not like other AC motor pool cleaners which includes pressure and suction cleaners, its dual DC motor require 90% less energy. With its dual scrubbing brushes and the mapping software, results clean and shiny pool with minimum time requirement. It breaks the ice from other pool cleaners will let you be in a wonderstruck.


Scheduling is the level-up thing about the Dolphin Premier. If you want to clean your pool day to day regular basis, just want to clean every other day, or every 3 days? Or else you just want to clean whenever you want to clean it? Whatever that you want you can just switch it from automatic to manual or vice versa in the power supply.

How to operate the Dolphin Premier?

If you are newly operating it means you should unwind the cord and stretch it out to remove all the kinks. Remove all the plastic covers especially if anything on the brushes. Make sure the power supply is at least 12 foot long from your pool. You have to attach the power cord to the power supply and turn it clockwise to lock it. Plug in the power supply but keep it in OFF. The machine is lightweight so you can handle it with ease. Place it above the water of your pool. Leave it to sink all the way to down. Allow plenty of cords for its requirement. Finally turn ON the power supply.

If you want to remove it from your pool, turn off the power supply and detach the power supply, pull the machine till the water level by using the cord and lift it out by the handle. Don’t pull it out all the way by using the cord once it comes out of the water. You will feel it a bit heavier due to the debris and the water.  


It has very easy customization and fast processing that is really wants to be appreciated. 

Trees full of pool can keep its clean and tidiness on check by its filter bag which is super doer while collecting leaves, sticks, and other tree debris. 

It can reach really hard places that we can’t reach like pool drains and other hard parts free of blockage and bemused.

It makes wonders like climbing the walls and steps. 

Waterline shines after its schedule. 

It has enough filters so you no need to buy anything other than what the package has. 

If any part the robot got damage you don’t need to replace the whole machine but that particular. 


The reusable filter bag cleans the pool but cleaning it requires some more effort. The fact is it can be either washed by machine or hosed out.

Some products didn’t climb the walls that well. 

Very few product’s handle were misplaced slightly, so you should examine your product at the very first hand.

It can’t clean too narrow stairs so manual cleaning may require if you are having too narrow stairs in your inground pool.

If you want the remote and caddy you should buy them separately. The package doesn’t contain these things. 

You might think that the remote is useless at most parts but the caddy will be very much useful when the robot has to be transported from one place to far, and for safety storage. 

Repair being as a headache due to bad customer response and the local repair men are incapable of repairing its damaged part.


Still undecided why it is better after all these many cons? It rarely requires repair because it comes with premium quality which are very much durable. Cleaning is very much easiest and fastest job than taking bathe.

If you are looking to buy the Dolphin Premier, it will be the great decision of yours to spend your summer chilling around your pool without bothering about its cleaning schedule.  

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