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Hayward AquaBug Review 2022

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What does the Hayward Aquabug do to your above-ground pool? Do you own the permanently installed above-ground pool?

It requires powerful water circulation and sparkling clean and clear water, so regular cleaning is needed to do these all. But manual cleaning will take your time and be painfully hard to do by you.

If you hire a professional to clean your pool, it will cost you more. Then, what is the wise choice to do to solve this problem? Buy an automatic pool cleaner. Like in-ground pool cleaners, there are huge competitors are there for above-ground pool cleaners.

So how will you know what is best and better for your above-ground pool? The Hayward Aquabug is a cool substitute for manual cleaning. To know the reason read further.

Why should you consider The Hayward Aquabug for your above-ground pool?

The Hayward Aquabug is an automatic pool cleaner, which is exclusively designed for above-ground pools. It can clean the pool bottom of various sizes and shapes. If you are having a temporary above-ground pool means accept our apology, this is not for you. 

This suction-side automatic above-ground pool cleaner can be easily integrated into the skimmer or devotional vacuum port. It gets its energy from your swimming pool pump. It depends on your pool’s existing filter and pumps strainer basket for the filtration process because it lacks a filter bag of its own. 

The Hayward Aquabug ultimately increases the water quality of your pool by swallowing a massive amount of water from the bottom of your pool, then being subjected to go inside of your pool’s filter pump and finally reintroduced into your pool. 

Model description

The Hayward Aquabug comes with SmartDrive program steering, which results from the perfect cleaning without leftover spots. Plus, it makes cleaning fast and reliable. It won’t take more than 10 minutes for the installation process.

Apart from being great time-consuming, zero tools are required for the installation process. The water flow is continuously standardized by the distinctive turbine or gearing system of The Hayward Aquabug. 

The Hayward Aquabug moves in a circular motion, which improves the cleanliness of your pool’s water for a prolonged period but avoids using excess chemical products to clean your pool.

The tangle-free cord will clean your pool without struggle. It will smoothly happen to clean your pool once it is connected with your pool’s skimmer without the base. There is no additional filter bag; hence it uses the existing filter bag in your pool, then you can operate it without over-thinking about the removal of collected debris.

The reduced cleaning time means it saves energy. Plus, it can run even on the non-smooth surface and collect all types of debris, including sand, silt, leaves, stones, plastics, and other debris.  

The Hayward Aquabug is a revolutionary product to clear off the burden of manual pool cleaning. Plus, it is an extremely effective, cost-efficient, time and energy-saving machine, necessary for the current period. 

What are the four models of The Hayward Aquabug?

The Hayward Aquabug is available in four different adorable models. The Hayward Aquabug 500, The Hayward Aquabug Drive Dave 700, The Hayward Aquabug Wanda the Whale 900, and The Hayward Aquabug the AquaCritter. Even though four different models share similar internal parts, only the external look is different from one another.  

Why does The Hayward Aquabug not recommended for an in-ground pool?

For in-ground pool cleaning, the cleaner has to climb the walls and some hard-to-reach areas. This Hayward Aquabug couldn’t be able to climb the walls. Hence, it is not recommended for in-ground pools but the permanently installed above-ground pools only. 

Does the Hayward Aquabug suitable for a saltwater pool?

The Hayward Aquabug has a salt-chlorine generator that produces natural chorine while cleaning. Hence, it can finely work with a saltwater pool, but the only concern is it has to be the above-ground pool. 

Does the Hayward Aquabug require a booster pump for a large pool?

No, it works on the power generated by the suction line or skimmer. The above-ground pool’s filter and skimmer provide enormous power for its working. If you have a large above-ground pool, all you have to do is install a large pool pump and filter. These will be brought out the effective face of the Hayward Aquabug.

Does the Hayward Aquabug require an additional suction hose? 

No, the Hayward Aquabug doesn’t require an additional suction hose because it comes with eleven connector hoses and one leader hose; hence the total of 12 hoses are directly connected to the body of the pool cleaner. The whole length of the given connector hoses is 32ft, which is enough for your above-ground pool.

What should you do if your above-ground pool doesn’t have a strainer basket?

If this is your pool’s condition, you should purchase the Hayward W560 standard canister and fix it in between two pipes like a sandwich. 

Does uneven/non-smooth pool floor affect the Hayward Aquabug’s function?

Not much, but yes, slightly it might. The highly rough, hallow, or high pit will affect its function. Sometimes stops its run, slows down the motion, or has uneven and unsatisfied cleaning. Not all pools have a perfectly smooth and even floor. Pools with lesser pits and wrinkles are fine for the Hayward Aquabug to function, but if heavy, it will affect its function. 

Hayward AquaBug Pros

  • It has the easiest tool-free installation.
  • It can be operated without much effort.
  • It saves a huge time.
  • It can clean your above-ground pool up to 3ft.
  • It improves the water circulation and so the water quality.
  • It is very cost-efficient.
  • You will get what you have paid.
  • This stylish model comes with a different toy-like appearance.
  • It is the best take-turn for manual cleaning.

Hayward AquaBug Cons

  • It doesn’t have a filtration system.
  • It doesn’t have its filter bag.
  • Not recommended for large debris.
  • Surveillance required.


Are you feeling exhausted after each pool cleaning by yourself? It is your time to take the further step to clear off this problem. The Hayward Aquabug is a perfect alternative with less cost, energy-saving, and effective cleaning for your compact, permanently installed above-ground pool. Make sure you have backwashed the filter and cleaned the pump strainer basket before installing the Hayward Aquabug. 

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