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Hayward Navigator Pro 925adc Suction Pool Cleaner Review

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Are you painfully cleaning your pool? Are you tired after spending a lot for your pool cleaning? It is time to make a change. Our generation is working with Artificial intelligent; we have run out of human labours, so we started to hire robotic labours. Sounds funny right! Be honest are you fine to spend a lot for manual or less with a robotic pool cleaning? The wise answer will be the less with a robotic pool cleaning. It is not only about cost but effective cleaning.

There are hundreds of products on the market but how to pick what is right for you? To find the answer you need to ask experts. In this article we are about to share an experts view over the Hayward Navigator pro 925ADC suction pool cleaner. Let’s start.

Why do you spent on the Hayward Navigator pro 925ADC suction pool cleaner?

Manual cleaning will suck out your time but, the Hayward navigator will clean your inground pool within an allotted time. The Hayward Company is well known for its innovation in pool cleaning, they are stand behind the new revolution in pool cleaning. The Hayward Navigator pro 925ADc suction pool cleaner is five stars sum up to this brand product’s lists.

This is because it has an advanced suction method which will do the job effortlessly. Not like other robotic pool cleaners, it utilize the available amount of water which passing through the filter to generate maximum power to remove dust and debris. Plus it doesn’t require any excess energy for its function.

Plus it doesn’t require booster pump. Hence, it is not only value for your money but energy efficient. You need to back wash your pool filter and check the water chemistry of your pool before installing the cleaner.

It has 9 connector hose and 1 ladder hose these are enough for 20/40 feet swimming pools. If you are having a larger than 40 feet pool, you need to buy extra hose. The cleaner hose should be integrated with the VO93C cone adaptor of skimmer or a functional suction port. All you suppose to do is set the system and sit back to mind other chores. 

How does the Hayward Navigator pro 925ADC suction pool cleaner navigate around your inground pool?

The Hayward Navigator pro 925ADC suction pool cleaner has SmartDrvie technology which enables it to clean your entire pool in minimum time expenditure.

This novel technology helps it to navigate around your pool without missing even a single part. It made an easiest route for the device to wander around your inground pool. But unexpectedly the Navigator Pro is incapable to navigate and clean around the pool steps.

Does the Hayward Navigator pro 925ADC suction pool cleaner require high energy?

This device works under the influence of existing filter system of your pool. Plus it uses the least amount of energy in its whole working time.

Hence, it hardly needs excess energy than the filter system. Along with this it doesn’t function under any hardcore material which will be the reason behind a huge noise. So you can sit around your pool and relax while the machine is in process. 

Are you looking for really a less spacious robotic pool cleaner for your inground pool?

The Hayward Navigator pro 925ADC suction pool cleaner comes with less space requiring model and won’t weigh you more to handle. So it makes it easy to handle either it may be dropping into your pool, lifting it up or transporting it to a long distance. It is designed to be last for a long time. 

Along with the Navigator Pro and 40ft hose covers the maximum area of your inground pool. Even though 40ft the hose won’t get tangle, it is due to the SmartDrive technology, which made an easy route system. The Hydro-Dynamic head allows the device to wander around your inground pool freely. 

How to operate the device? 

You won’t need more than 10 minutes to set the device before starting it for its first cleaning session. All you have to do is simply connect the device with the skimmer or the suction port. Plus it doesn’t need any hard tool to set it. 


  • Effortlessly collects all the debris
  • Even it can clean the uneven surface perfectly
  • Suitable for entire pool cleaning which includes the walls
  • Efficient route system by the SmartDrive technology
  • Tool-free installation and fast to finish
  • It doesn’t need booster pump
  • Lightweight so very much handy and portable
  • Effortless movement through the water is possible with the Hydro-Dynamic head
  • Cost and energy efficient 
  • Noiseless and disturbance-free cleaning
  • Effective, longevity, and an advanced technology  
  • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty, so you can repair or replacement won’t cost you anything
  • Great customer service


  • More sophisticated features like remote control, auto-off system, and time programming are not available
  • Function only when the filter system is in process.
  • Navigator Pro couldn’t clean or navigate pool steps
  • It doesn’t have deflector
  • A bit expensive
  • Regular maintenance required


For all time clean and clear pool, consider the Hayward Navigator pro 925ADC suction pool cleaner. It will be your favourite device once you own it. It comes at really affordable price, tool-free easy set up, and cleans even large pools. Even at sharp edges it maps out a smooth way to clean through that it can reach even hard to touch region with the SmartDevice technology.

It doesn’t require any extra accessories like booster pump for its energy needs. All it requires filter system of your pool for its energy requirement. it will be the great choice for the inground pool which is constructed by unite or concrete.

It might looks like a bit expensive but don’t worry all your money will be worth paying for it. Though it doesn’t included the more convenient things like remote controller, automatic shut-off, and programmable timer, still it will keep your inground pool clean and clear at all cost. Hence each cleaning is efficient and premium quality clean. 

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