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How Does A Hot Tub’s Filter System Work

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Cool and Efficient, Hot Tub Filter works silently with powerful functionalities. The lifetime of the filter determines the working efficiency of your hot tub system. They work at the rear side of your pool. It traps the trash particles from the running water and the most peculiar reason behind the crystal clear water. 

Know your Hot Tub filter 

Commonly Hot Tub filters trap all the debris from your pool water but still oil, body lotion, and other liquid forms of debris are left behind. They trap the particles by their folded structure.

Every hot tub’s filter varies from their requirement and efficiency. Currently filters are modelled as cartridges which can be detached, cleaned, and replaced easily. Mostly it consists of sturdy materials such as plastics. The plastic coated filters are very common nowadays. They come with a lot of folding, which means a lot of surface area. Hence, you will get clean and clear water.  

The trapped particles are remaining on the filter until you clean the filter. For an effective cleaning regular maintenance of filters is necessary.  Ignorance of the filter maintenance causes dirt accumulation and strain over the hot tub pumps.  To know the regular timing and procedure read further. 

The Perfect Model of Hot Tub Filter

It has been a long time since Polyester and Papers are the major components of Hot Tub Filters. Introduction of Cartridge hikes the level of the filter system. 

Hot Spring Spas has a standardized ceramic fiber technology to improve the pleated cartridge filter, which is very much handy to remove, clean, and replace while comparing with Polyester filters.

The novel TRI-X filter’s lifetime is up to 4 years and double the cleaning efficiency of other filters of its size. It is very compact with a set of Highlife spa models.

With premium filter you will get,

  • Crystal clear water  
  • Improved inlet and outlet
  • Less power consumption
  • Fastest circulation and heating
  • Tension free maintenance and cleaning

Remove the hose from the TRI-X filter, spray any cleaner of your desire, soak it in a cleaning solution (Optional), and put it into the dishwasher. Make sure there is no soap solution added. Run it with an unheated cycle. This updated filter fits for regular cleaning than the paper filter. If you maintain it properly it will never fail to give you clean and clear water like a spa up to four years long.

Why filter is important?

Not every pool heater owner bothered to place the filter inside their pool filter. But every pool heater requires a filter to keep the water clean and clear which makes you want to swim around your pool on cold time.

At every intake point requires a filter. The suction fitting forces water intake to the Hot Tub filter and lets it pass through the filter for cleaning. Filtered water allows it to the pool by jet. 

Hot Spring Spa has filters at both inlet and outlet level of water. It counts a total of five filters which is plenty enough for a 325 square feet pool. This numerous filtration capacity with power jet output, results in clear, clean and great warm water. 

How to clean your hot tub’s filter?

Polyester or Paper Filter Cartridge

Every month rinse with a hose and give a regular glance for tear and wear. Using instance filter cleaner will help to remove the hard and tough colliders like oil, cream, or other liquid particles from your filter. After removing the filter soak it inside any cleaning solution. Depending on the requirement and usage replace it, most recommended is once after 2 to 4 years. 

TRI-X Ceramic Fiber Filter Cartridge

Clean it like other cartridge filter, have look for wear and tear once in a month. Every time of removal soak it in a soap solution and for a perfect cleaning and removing the hard found solution which adhere on its surface. Replace it only once in every 4-6 years that too depending on its usage and work load. 


 Regular cleaning is needed for mostly using pools. You should give a glance over the filter to prevent its sacrifice. Colloidal particles forms cloud and fill the gaps of your filter which is the most common reason behind every filter’s sacrifice. Choose only the certificated filter if you want to replace the existing filter. Maintain the proper and well scheduled cleaning period to prevent any disruptions and a severe problem to your filter system.

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