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4 Best Hot Tub Steps For Everyone

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What are the things you should consider before building your dream Hot tub? Clean water, size, shape, type, and so on. But how do you get inside of it? Gotcha! Through the staircase, right. So you should build them perfectly but, how do you know what are the steps you should follow to construct the steps for your hot tub. In this article we have shared some expert’s ideas to build your hot tub steps safe and fit. 

Choosing Your Hot Tub Steps

It may not be a lengthy chart to follow but a very important few things to be considered before choosing steps for your hot tub.


First of all, safety is important. People balance their weight by foot so steps should not be too narrow. Hence he or she won’t lose their balance. Plus the surface must have grips to prevent skidding. 


While thinking about the safety of your hot tub steps, materials are the next thing you will eventually think about. You shouldn’t look for something fancy but something sturdy to withstand the weight of a fully grown adult. So you can give a deep look on hard plastic resin, which is not only water resistant but also easy to maintain. 

Wooden steps are the other better option. Either it can be built or brought. All it need is something which can protect them from moisture. There are paints and coaters are available in to store, which added hard layer and sanded feel to your hot tub steps. Plus those woods supposed to be smooth; if not on your barefoot you will get splinters. 


After all the steps should be solid and heavy this can withstand even a heaviest person. If not there are chances of steps to be collapsed or that person will fall and get injured.

Fortunately there are many options for you with these qualities. So you can pick any of them to decorate your hot tub without giving a second thought over other things or doubting over its capacity. 

Here are some staircases names and their compiled features for your hot tub. Those you can install in your hot tub without any issue. 

1. QCA Spas Storage Step 

QCA Spas storage step is made out by the durable resin with lightweight. It can withhold up to 300 pounds and it measures 36 inches wide and 23 inches deep, providing enough space for in and out. The stylish steps come with two-tone finish to enhance the look of your Hot Tub. As in name this step has a storage compartment, there you can store the needy things which you want often before and after soaking.  

2. Confer Handi Step Spa Steps 

Confer Handi Step Spa Steps need some handy work but still it is worth it. It can withstand up to 300 pounds. It comes 29 inches wide and 24 inches deep in measure. The hardcore material which is used to make this out is water resistant molded plastic. This is comparatively very lightweight and easy to clean. For your safety it has an additional non-slip surface. There are seven colors available on the market. Plus the steps can be interchange to fit either round hot tubs or straight-sided tubs.

3. Confer Plastics Spa Step With Storage 

Confer Plastic Spa Step as its name it is made out by Hardcore molded Plastic with no maintenance resin. It might look compact but intact with massive features. It is solid enough to withhold up to 300 pounds. It measures three feet wide and allot enough space for entering and exiting. It comes with storage space there you can store the necessary things for your Hot Tub. But make sure you don’t place chemicals there because it doesn’t have a lock so it will be a bit complicated if you have kids or pets. Finally all these come very lightweight.

4. Festnight Handi-Step For Round or Straight Sided Spas 

Festnight Handy-Step can be flexible for both round and straight sided spas. It has a reversible treat which can be remodelled whenever it is required. It consists of sturdy plastic which comes from premium quality, so durable and still lightweight. For your additional safety it has a non-skid surface which promises your safe entry and exit.


What shape of hot tub do you have?  How will you choose the steps for your Hot Tub? Are you looking for a décor or safe? You can have any shape of the Hot Tub either round or straight, but make sure the steps should give a sturdy, durable, not-skid, comfortable, and very spacious.

It should not be too narrow, and the surface should not be a medium for planktons. It requires regular cleaning but still the surface should be easy to clean.

Make sure your Hot Tub steps come under all these characteristics.  

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