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How Does A Hot Tub’s Control Panel Work?

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Your Hot Tub’s control panel is everything to it. If you want to check something on it you are supposed to be considering it like, Does your Hot Tub’s temperature fine? Does the water level is above the recommended water level? 

Does the sensor work properly? All these questions will be only answered by your Hot Tub’s Control Panel. Actually, it matters to all these functions. 

You can fix the thing which gives pleasure and peace while you yourself soak inside your Hot Tub by knowing the control features of the control panel.

There are a maximum of 8 control buttons depending on the structure of your Hot Tub. In this article we have detailed the list of common Hot Tub Control panels and how they work. 

1. Blower

The Blower button maintains the amount of air bubbles entering into your Hot Tub from the blower. So it is also known as bubbler. It insists air via an injector into the water. It improves your mind by smooth bubbles likewise it is designed.   

2. Light 

Which light do you prefer while soaking yourself into a hot tub? Dim and warm or Bright and strong or party and thrill? Whichever pleases you; you can fix it or switch it with one press on a button.

Before buying it, read the user manual to know what type of light is provided by that control panel. 

3. LCD Display

How hot is the water in your Hot Tub? How much water is enough to pass through the heater? Those details will be displayed on the LCD display provided. If there’s anything that seems wrong it will be displayed on the screen for your attention. Likewise the device will integrate with you.

If anything amiss like issues in heater, problem in water flow, and any other maintenance problem, will send an alert message to you.

Plus it will also show your customized features which are currently in use. Sometime it might show some error messages which includes,

OHH, OH, HTR TEMP LMT, or HH: if any of these messages are displayed on your screen, don’t jump into the hot tub. These messages convey that the water in your hot tub is too hot so remove the cover which permits it to cool down. 

GFCI or GFI failure: It shows that your hot tub’s breaker is in the wrong shape. So call any professional person to fix it. if it is ignored which may lead to a severe problem. 

Plus you yourself have a glance on the user manual to get to know other common messages. So you can be altered and fix it before anything bad happens. 

4. Jets 

The amount of water flows through the jet is controlled by the jet button. It is a more powerful button than other buttons and determined by the size of your spa, you can add two or three buttons to control different jet sections in a tub.  

It starts to work when you press the button for once, doubling will increase its speed so it allows an increased amount of water to pass through the jet. 

5. Temperature

Without temperature there is nothing for its name. Temperature button increases or decreases the temperature of the water in your hot tub.

Every spa has its own temperature system programmed to maintain the water temperature up to 40°C. You can customize the temperature but it should not exceed 40°C.  For durable and reduced energy consumption, fix the water temperature at constant. This step is mostly followed by many spas. 

What problems may arise in your Control Panel and how to fix them?

Flickering panel: keep in mind a proper power supply is sufficient. If you get a low voltage power which is not enough for your panel then it will cause issues in its operation. 

Control Panel without light: Make sure the main wire is plugged correctly. If the wire is loose it isn’t able to pass the current throughout the circuit. So be sure that the wire is tightly fixed to the port. 

Blank or missing numbers: Iron rust, dirt accumulation, or moisture is the reason behind this issue. To get rid of this problem, you should clean the panel at a regular interval bases. 

Dark display: It may be the cause of burnt backlight wire. You should change the wire. 


Control panel is the most important thing for all hot tubs. It will prevent all the possible errors that can happen in your Hot Tub. It will alter you at the time of error forms and induce you to take action before it gets worse. So an excellent Control Panel is the identifier of all the issues that can kill your Hot Tub. 

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