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How to Use Pool Cleaners – Buyer Guide

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There are many varieties of swimming pools but all of them needs a proper cleaning and a good management techniques. As per your work schedule, and your pool’s size, you can choose what type of cleaning is suitable for you and your pool.

Your pool require a good care for their cleaning, manual cleaning is okay for small size pool but if it is big then manual will be a high pressure on your hands.

Choose wisely what is best and better for you and your pool. If you can’t be specified about what you want and how to work with them, then this article is your best pal to discuss various products and methods, which are made exclusively for you.

Basics of Pool

All pools are different in their size and look but, they all are work in similar basic way. They all require a collection of filtration and chemical treatment for an interval cleaning of large volume of water.

The common method of cleaning your pool is pump out water from your pool, allow them to pass through filtration and chemical treatment system, and again back to your pool. By doing this procedure in a proper interval, your pool’s water will be clean, dire free, and more importantly microbes free. Some pool has heater which constantly heat the water in our pool and keep them at particular temperature. 

Pool Vacuum – How to use them

By sucking out all dirt, this pool vacuum will keep your pool’s floor free from dirt. There are two types of pool vacuums in market, if your pool is small then manual pool vacuum is best for you and our pocket.

If your pool is big and very complex then there is no better option than choosing automatic pool vacuum for your pool. 

Manual Pool Vacuum

Manual pool vacuum has a vacuum head, a vacuum hose, and a telescopic pole.
Let’s see how to use it in our pool,

  • At one end of telescopic pole attach vacuum head. This gives you a support to keep move along the vacuum head around your pool’s floor. On the top of the head there is a clear space where it has to attach with the pole.
  • Attach one end of the vacuum hose to the vacuum head.
  • Hold the pole and lower the vacuum head along with the hose into your pool, the other end of hose should keep outside.
  • Fix the other end of the hose into water intake nozzle. This will allow the water to enter into the hose. You could see air bubbles emerges from the head. When the hose is full of water, there’ll be no air bubbles. Now suction will be started and the head will be flat and strongly gripped on the floor.
  • Switch the filter nozzle to intake mode and move the vacuum head by holding telescopic pole on your pool’s floor.
  • You could see all dirt get sucked in.
  • When you are done disconnect the hose from filter. 

Move the vacuum head back and forth until the floor is clean in above-ground pool. Start at the shallow end and move on a grid pattern, if your pool is in-ground pool.

Automatic Pool Vacuum

Automatic pool cleaners clean your pool meantime keep water circulation in check. There are three types of automatic pool vacuum in market, which are individual players. They are,

Suction Pool Cleaners depend on your pool’s suction side to clean. After collecting the dirt, it will discard it through your pool’s filtration system. They move randomly on your pool’s floor themselves by detecting the water suction pressure of your pool without your help.  The drawback is, it consists of too many tiny pieces which would require constant replacement but, it is very cheap.

Pressure-side pool cleaners depends on your pool’s water pressure. It is made up of three major parts which individually performs unique functions. Dirt is stirred by one, another helps it to move, and finally third one collects the dirt in a bag. It absorbs the water pressure either through pushed or pumped back into an in-ground pool by return. All you have to do is keep it inside your pool to start the cleaning and take it out after the cleaning is done, remove the dirt from the trash bag. It will be with you in your pool while you swim.

Robotic pool cleaners work on electricity and don’t require any extra equipment, reduce the maintenance costs. If you put extra money on it, it will put more effort for you like, climbing your pool’s wall, crawl up the stairs, and scrub up the water lines. They are very handy and easy to operate, all you have to do; just keep it in your pool and rest will be done by it, finally take it out.


Pool cleaners will keep your pool from any problems, like an algae growth which can be wreak havoc on your pool’s water quality. Once if it found a place to grow in your pool then getting rid of them will be tough job.

Regular cleaning and a proper water circulation is mandatory to keep your pool’s water crystal clear and avoiding algae growth. So, Pool cleaners are the tough doers and worth having for your pool’s good look. 

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