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Intex Prism Frame Pool Review 2022 Pros, Cons & Verdict

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Not everyone can afford to have the luxury of swimming pools; this becomes a myth once Intex steps inside the swimming pool industry. The Intex is famous for their Easy Set Pool.

They wanted to manufacture a big size of pool set but that was impossible with the delicate side of Easy set pools. So they modelled the Intex Prism Frame Pool, which is an above-ground pool on bigger sizes. Hence, they built The Intex Prism Frame Pool which comes in two different shapes such as rectangle and square. 

The Intex Prism Frame Pool is an amazing and affordable product for every small scale dreamer. When you pick either of its shapes, a swarm of questions will start to pile one over above the other. What size will be fit for your house? Can it be easy for set up and maintenance?

Does the Intex prism frame pool worth for all the efforts? On behalf of you, we have purchased one and tested it in all the possible ways and at last come up with some information to share with you. Here in this article we are about to share the Intex Prism Frame pool review, read further to know them better.

How does it feel overall to have the Intex Prism Frame Pool?

You can start the assembling process straight away from the Intex Prism Frame Pool package. We bet that you will be tongue tied after seeing some products included. Sometimes it might take a long time from what the instruction guide mentioned. It stands still even after a rough time. The dark part is its warranty and return policy. The customer service is somewhat okay. 

How much does the Intex Prism Frame Pool cost?

The price tag is categorized based on their sizes, they start from small pools at $100 to large pools at $800. Its price is a bit expensive when compared with Easy to set pools. But it will last more than that. The large Intex prism frame pool comes with similar features of the Ultra Frame Pools. However, the frames are not strong and will rust quickly. The duration of the Intex prism frame pool is four to five years whereas the Ultra frame pools will last over six to seven years.

How long does the Intex Prism Frame Pool require for install?

The ground leveling will be a painful task if you are setting a new pool floor. Make sure the floor is flat and free of any sharp objects. Once after making the perfect floor you can easily start to set the pool. We recommend you to use ground cover under your pool if you are about to place them over any hard or concrete flooring.

The liner will be stiff once it is taken out from the package. Our advice is to let them warn under the sunlight. Once it is warm enough, it will be easy to handle. It comes with many parts to fix for the pool set.

Make sure you call for someone or two for your assistance. Visit the Intex website and watch their instruction video for better understanding. A current product comes with a DVD player which has the instructional video for your new pool. 

Depending on the size of the Intex pool, the time for installation will vary from 30 to 90 minutes. But for us it took more than 3 hours.

Once the water is filled in your pool, make sure there is no pinhole, if you find one or two it can be fixed easily. Always keep the repair kit on your reach. Also monitor the water level; if it gradually decreases from the top to bottom there will be a hidden hole. Find it and fix it as soon as you can. 

How efficient is the pump of Intex Prism Frame Pool?

The pump comes with the Intex prism frame pool is convenient and small. However, it doesn’t keep the water as clean as it has to be. It might be the reason for poor circulation. We advise you to upgrade to a big pump. If you want you can go for Intex pump with better performance.

If you upgrade the pump before your first installation it will be great for your better experience with the Intex. Along with a pump, you can also add a skimmer which will clean your pool from debris.

What are the available sizes of the Intex Prism Frame Pool?

For your different needs, Intex prism frame pool is available in huge varieties of sizes. For small yards, a smaller circular pool will be the great option. Some of the small pool sizes are similar to the Easy Set Pool line, though they are strong and durable. Some are mighty in their size as large as the Ultimate Frame Pool line.

How long will the Intex Prism Frame Pool last?

The air ring on the top of the pool structure which holds the water is fine but will not be stable, so our recommendation is to switch to the best air ring. The metal frame on the sidewalls makes it solid and strong, all in similar size to the Easy Set Pools. Hence the metal frame provides possible rigidity for the pool to withstand any longer even on uneven floor. The walls are gentle and rubbery, glad for the given stiff support poles, it comes from rust-free material.

How is the warranty and return policy of The Intex Prism Frame Pool?

The Intex Prism Frame Pool Warranty

It has a limited warranty. They only cover:

  • 90 days for Prism frame
  • 90 days for Pool liner
  • 90 days for ladder
  • Based on the size of the pump, the warranty will change from one to two years of warranty.

For better warranty endurance, we recommend you to purchase the product directly from Intex or Intex online shopping.

The Intex Prism Frame Pool Return policy

Intex lacks good customer service. You can’t return any product without submitting your problem with the customer service officer. At first hand you need to define the reason behind returning and then you should return the product within the provided time period. You can’t return the product within the allotted 30 days of time without intimating the customer service.

Contact them within 15 days from the date of product purchase for returning. They will let you know if the product is returnable or not on that call. Once they approve your return request make sure you only return the product on its original covering. The product should reach the warehouse within 30 days from the purchasing date all by you, they can’t fund this process. Never forget to include the photocopy of the billing receipt for your purchase proof. But doesn’t worry any debited amount from your credit card will be credited back to your account.


  • Available in different sizes
  • Affordable
  • Steel poles are powder coated
  • Quick and easy assemble
  • Sidewalls are durable
  • Suitable for all size of families


  • Pump is not efficient
  • Ladder is flimsy
  • Skimmer is not included

Poor quality cover


The Intex Prism Frame Pool is available in a wide range of different sizes. Each product comes under anyone’s affordable price. They are well built and have a fast assembly method.

But, it would take much more time than the time they have mentioned in their manual guide.

The DVD instruction is clear and understandable for a perfect pool set up. Nonetheless not every included product is high quality and efficient. The pump is not good at circulation and there’s no skimmer. You need to upgrade for the best pump and skimmer at your first installation itself. However, entertainment is promised under low cost.

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