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Intex Pure Spa Review 2022 Pros, Cons & Verdict

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Are you facing intolerable body pain? However, even after undergoing various medical treatments, it still bothers you. Have you tried hot tubs? We bet you, it will soothe your pain and will give you relief from all your physical suffering. But with all good things, there will be a black point.

Here, in this case, there are hundreds of hot tub models but they are too expensive. We have tried and tested some hot tub models. Among them we picked Intex Pure Spa as the best one, we bet that you will probably like it. 

Intex is a famous company, well known for designing different models of premium quality inflatable hot tubs. They are always strong and comfortable, furthermore, everything is affordable price. In this article we are going to share The Intex Pure Spa Review, read further to know the product better.

Benefits of Hot tubs

De-stress and relaxing

After a tough day at the workplace will stiffen your neck and back, this will lead to headache, high blood pressure, and other problems. The heat from the hot tub water penetrates inside your tissue and lets them relax. The heavenly effect of heat water and bubbles will regulate your heart rate and decrease the elevated blood pressure. Researchers have proved that people who spend 30 minutes of their day inside a hot tub experience significantly optimum blood sugar levels. Also it will relax your brain and other body parts, will help your body to reduce the stress level and anxiety, trigger a good sleeping habit and a handful of energy for an upcoming day.

Pains and aches

Sore joints and muscle ache will be soothed by hot tubs. The pressure in your joints will be relaxed by the water’s buoyancy. The heat relieves the pains in your muscles and joints. It will be the best soother for people with chronic back issues or arthritis.

Therapeutic massage  

Jets on the right place will trigger your muscle, similar to massage therapy. This will help you to relieve muscle pain, arthritis, back pain, and other problems.

Editor’s Point

We found it more than what we expected. Its sturdy model with necessary accessory things will blow your mind. It doesn’t regulate the temperature like other common hot tubs but it is worth it is. We are not very fond of its warranty and return policy. The pump has to run the whole time, so it has to be upgraded a bit for our better experience.


Depending on the size of spa you choose, the Intex pure spa hot tub’s price range will vary. The basic price is $350 and it will go far up to $900. Some would find it a bit too expensive but, while comparing with the benefits of owning a hot tub is worth the price it takes. If you don’t own your own spa then you would have to spend $100 to $300 for daily spa therapy to get a soothing comfort. Hence purchasing your own spa will be the wise choice to save the money.


You have to put little effort while installing the Intex pure spa hot tub. The best thing is, it can be installed single handedly without others assistance. Maximum it would take 10 minutes to install by a single person, then it would take 45 minutes minimum to fill the water in the hot tub, and you need to wait for a day (24 hours) for it to attain the maximum temperature at 104 degree.


This can’t regulate the temperature, so for better results always put the cover over it. You might find its negative side when you know how close it is to the reason for your elevated current bill compared with the electric bills before installing the hot tub. It will be even worse if the environment temperature is too low, because the surrounding temperature will influence the temperature inside the hot tube due to the hot tub itself can’t retain the temperature. 


In Intex pure spa hot tub a single unit contains both pump and heater. If you are living in a colder region you need to let the pump run for the entire time, it might be a single day or a whole week as per how often you utilize this hot tub. But the issue is, this pump is not an exclusive model for all time runners so it ended up clogging the filter and leaving black flakes into the spa. If you want, you can upgrade to a better heater and pump to get rid of these problems.


You can use your hot tub daily without facing any issue. It can withstand both a hot summer and coldest winter. The top cover of the hot tub doing a best job through retaining the water temperature after elevated the temperature. This sturdy well built hot tub will come for many years. Make sure each time before blowing it up, warm it to prevent brittle and cracks.

Warranty and Return policy

We are sorry for this, Index is not best with warranty and other customer services. You have to check any defect in your new hot tub within 15 days from the purchasing date to the customer team, then they will let you know whether the issue is covered under the policy or not.  It will only take the returns within 30 days from purchase; if not there will be no change or refund.

However, if you want to return the product within 30 days from purchase, it must be wrapped around by the original packaging, so they will accept the product. Plus you should attach the photocopy of the original bill for proof.

They always look for the reasonable reason for returning the product, if you can’t give the right reason they won’t take it back and so there will be no refund. 

You need to follow each and every step to process the return formality along with the refund process.


  • Available in various sizes
  • Fast and effortless installation
  • Insulated cover and lock included
  • In-built hard water system
  • Require less maintenance
  • 140 bubble jets
  • The package includes many accessories which include a carry bag, inflation hose, chlorine dispenser, cartridges, test strips, and heating system.


  • Bad quality pump and heater
  • Require 24 hours to heat
  • Poor customer service
  • High range of air leakage at cold season
  • Need to run 24/7


You need to indulge yourself in a hot tub to know their pleasant feeling. For that there is no competition to own one, but it will be better if you own your best hot tub at your house. Hot tubs really do wonders if you are facing severe back pain or joint pain daily and spend 30 minutes in it.

You yourself will feel the best thing happens to you. Installing a permanent hot tub might be expensive but entirely worth it. Our final words are the Index pure spa hot tub is worth the affordable price, pick the right one.

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