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How To Keep Mice Out Of Your Pool Heater

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Many pool owners face problems with their heater it is because of Mice and Rodents which search for warm place when the temperature drops. They are the fine detector than us to find their favourable place.

So they find your pool heater as much as better for their requirement. They not only make your pool heater as their home but their meal also. Do you want to prevent their entry and protect your pool heater?

For that you should take a few steps to prevent their entry. Here, in this article we hare share some expertise’s ideas to act properly. All you have to do is read the following article and follow as it says.


Rats, Mice, and other Rodents find your pool heater as a better place to spend their winter time. But they not only live there but feed over them. All these happen smoothly without giving you any hint about their presents until you switch on your heater but nothing happens. 

Other than a regular checking, some ways are there to prevent their coming. 

Things you suppose to do

First of all you have to step into the hardware store near to you and buy some things. 

  • Steel wood
  • Wooden panel
  • Moth balls
  • Rubber snake
  • Chicken wire

All these things are very easily available and it won’t cost you much more. Compared with the expense of repairing your heater, this one is nothing before it. So don’t ignore it. Ignorance will cost your fortune sometimes. 

Pool Heater Protection

To protect your pool heater from these crucial rodents, step ahead a few things. Keep in mind all these things are supposed to be done before summer which means you don’t need your pool heater for a long time. So these things are the precaution steps to take before the period of your pool heater absentee.  

Step 1: Add Moth balls

Rodents can’t withstand the smell of moth balls. So it won’t be there where moth balls are present. Put a few Moth balls inside the control panel.

Step 2: Fill the open area with steel wool

Rodents can penetrate even in a tiny hole or crack in your pool heater. So fill the gap with the steel wool. When rodents try to clear them by chewing it, eventually it will cut the rodents mouth. But they don’t mind this so don’t stop until they are killed.  

Step 3: Pack the sides using Hardware cloth

Hardware cloth adds an extra barrier to your pool heater. It gives an extra coat to your pool heater’s protection layer which can’t be chewed out by rodents. Plus it gives a good and clean look on your pool heater.

Step 4: Put Wood panel

Cover the sides with Wood panel which keeps what you have made intact in its place. Additionally it will give a tidy look to your pool heater.

Step 5: Scary Rubber Snake

It might seem too childish but placing a rubber snake around your pool heater will protect it. The reason is, Rats, Mice, Rodents, hate Snakes. So they will keep their distance from serpents.

Keep in mind that you should remove all these set ups before using your pool heater. Even that tiny little moth ball remains.  

What if the damage has already been done?

Shut down all the power cable which is attached to your pool heater to prevent yourself getting shocked or others nearby. Rats, Mice, and Rodents will spare nothing but trash. If you are aware about repairing it you yourself can perform the repairing process or else don’t hesitate to call any licensed person to repair your pool heater. Some might be unaware of getting the right person. In that case you can also Google their name or locations. Now everything is possible within your smartphone. 

Few Sharing Pieces

Your pool heater makes your hard cold winter time into a warm one. Do you know that it is not only you who keep yourself hot and warm but the rodents outside also use its warmth additionally its cables for junks.

If they found your pool heater as their shelter, they will cause long term damage to it. A lot of money is supposed to be spent over their repair process. A Wiseman’s word is, a few minutes of glance with care is better than spending a lot of money with misery to repair the damages.  

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