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Polaris 380 Vs Polaris 3900 Which One’s Best?

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Every pool owner’s dream will be having a clean and clear pool with little money expenditure and with less maintenance. But debris like pollens, leaves, plastic bags easily finds its way to your pool.

Plus unbalanced water pH results in algae blooms which grow near the sides, corners, and other untouched areas. These will result in unfavourable conditions with an unswimmable state to your pool.

To get rid of this you should ask an expert’s assistance. But that will cost you more. Do you want to maintain your pool’s good shape without spending thousands for a professional pool boy? Buying a robotic pool cleaner will help you in this issue.

In this article we are going to be distinguishing Polaris 380 Vs Polaris 3900 pressure-side pool cleaners. Still they are similar in working process like sweep, scrub, and vacuum. But they differ in major aspects. Gladly we are here to expose the expertise side in this article that determines which one is best and better for your pool. 


For the past 40 years and still Polaris is the top manufacturer of automatic pool cleaners. They are the leading company to produce effective and quick working automatic pool cleaners, but they all are a bit expensive. And some products are dependent workers so you need to spend some more money over the extra products.

Are you looking for advanced pool cleaner?

Polaris Vac-Sweep 3900 sport pressure-side pool cleaner is a technologically advanced pressure-side pool cleaner on the market. Polaris has input it’s all old model’s great features in it. It will be a bit more expensive than the Polaris Vac-Sweep 380 pressure-side pool cleaner. But you can wholeheartedly pay the bill because it worth your money. It has entirely re-engineered sporty body parts, triple jet system produce the maximum level of pool vacuum power.

Plus it cleans faster with the increased drive torque than the 380. It has a novel Wide Trax all-wheels PosiDrive system will grip on even the maximum slippery surface; a longevity stainless steel drive chain enables 50% more torque than the 380. The money you pay is worth for its reduced total energy requirement.

Are you searching for a durable classic pool cleaner for your inground pool?

Polaris Vac-Sweep 380 pressure-side pool cleaner has the same three jet system of 3900. Hence, it has the similar working capacity of its expensive competitor. But the belted drive is constructed by plastic.

Still powering all wheels simultaneously, the belted drive chain reduces the number of internal moving parts. It will reduce the chances of its breaking down. The 380 is a sturdy pool cleaner than but not as strong as the 3900.  

Do you want to clean your pool effortlessly?

Consider the 3900, because it has 5L twin chamber zippered great bag whereas the 380 has only 2.5L of zippered one chamber. Hence it can collect and store both micro and macro debris than the 380. You need to empty it once if full, which is half the increased time of the previous models.  

Do you want a pool cleaner with specific debris bag? 

The Polaris 380 has 2.5L zippered single chamber filter bag, if you prefer you can go for Velcro model. Plus it has optimum multi-purpose bag for an annual use. You can select the bag with specifications like if you have an issue with sand then you can go for special finer mesh bag, leaf bag for large debris. 

Do you want a maximum clean and clear pool?

The 3900 depend on the booster pump still it will assist your existing pool’s filtration system. The filter bag of the 3900 will circulate more than 40 gallons of water per minute which is undefeatable feature to other pool cleaners. Hence, your pool will be clean and clear than ever it has been. 

Do you want to prolong your filter system?

Consider the 380, because it removes the debris freehandedly before they reach your pool filter. This will increase the life expectancy of your pool filter system.  

Are you frustrated over the building up debris over the corner area?

The 3900 has a distinctive TailSweep Pro Hose. Every nook and cranny is cleaned by the sweeping motion of the tail. Beyond everything, the corners will be cleaned while the windows and walkways remain dry. Whereas the 380 doesn’t come with the TailSweep Pro, if you wish you can purchase one and attach it to your 380.  

Are you looking for value and features at the top hand?

The Polaris 380 is well developed to even maintain largest pools. It has 31ft feed hose which is similar with the 3900. Plus the vacuum inlets of both are same in size. Additionally the 380’s pool vacuum has auto-backup to prevent tangling and stoppage. Whereas in the 3900 auto-reverse technology, allows the pool vacuum to free itself when it get struck. 

What will you consider cost efficient of the product or its longevity and energy saving features? 

 If you are considering about the cost of the product means you can go with the 380 which is less expensive while comparing with the 3900. If you are considering about the durable and energy saving pool cleaner you should consider the 3900.

Advantages of the Polaris 3900

  • It can even filter fine particles.
  • It is constructed by the premium quality materials.
  • It is sturdy and quick vacuum.
  • It comes with sweeping tail.
  • It has relatively large debris bag.

Disadvantages Cons of the Polaris 3900

  • A way bit expensive
  • There is no choice but single model

Pros of the Polaris 380

  • It has extremely powerful vacuum system.
  • It comes within your affordable range of price.
  • It can be work without the booster pump.
  • There are two different colour options are available on the market.

Cons of the Polaris 380

  • It doesn’t come with sweeping tail.
  • Its drive chain is made out from plastic.
  • It works a bit slower than the 3900.


Polaris 3900 is an advanced version of the Polaris 380, so everyone would like to choose an upgraded version of a product but still the classic model finds its place on every market for its ancient features.

Apart from all, the cost of both products didn’t deviated a lot. Both the products are depends on the booster pump but, the 380 can work without it. However the 3900 has TailSweep Pro hose whereas the 380 doesn’t. The filter bag of the 3900 is double the size of the 380, with dual chamber. Hence, the 3900 runs more with high amount of debris collection.

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