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What is Pool Coping

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Are you planning to build your dream swimming pool in your backyard? There are a lot more jobs to be done than just digging and quilting it full of water. You are supposed to think about a lot more than what you thought.

You should select the water type to fill your pool, protecting, heating, and lighting to think.  You have to do it both physically and artistically. All these things require one thing that is pool coping.   

Pool Coping

Are you wondering what is pool coping? The term coping meaning capping or wrapping, here in a pool, is defined as the edges of the top rim, which are an area around the swimming pool.

In trade it is known as pool edging or pool edge pavers. It severs the swimming pool from the nearby surface area. Plus safeguard the pool structure. It gives the finishing to the edges of your pool. This is a self consistent functionality more like a garden edging, or it can be connected with the footpath or nearby floor. 

All it needs a solid floor to be built over. A pool bond beam, necessarily a coat of concrete, is put around the pool so the paver can be installed protectively on this matter. 


This decorative structure also serves as a protective layer for a swimmer to walk around the pool without the problem of skidding. 

Select Your Pool Coping

There are different varieties of pool copings available on the market. Select precisely what is better for your pool. It has different finishes or outlets. Don’t choose it just by its look, search for something which has to be tough and protective. 

1. Tumble Edge

Tumble edge will look like an uneven finishing with rustic look on your pool rim. So it will prevent careless mistakes that we usually do. And the rough floor will give a grip over your feet and prevent falling by slippery floor. 

2. Square Edge 

Square edge is a popular one; most of the pools are designed with square edges. It will give your pool a formal look. In the name it describes how it will look, a classy square profile. Plus it comes with varies types, so you can choose which one is suitable for your pool from that list which includes rebated square edge.

3. Drop Down Face

Do you want a flawless finishing to your pool paver? Consider Drop down face. It has the curvy edges which hides the perfect edge of the paver and gives a look of floating pool. The blunt edges with the hided rim will give a comfortable look to your pool’s profile. 

4. Bullnose 

Bullnose has more than one coiled edges which gives a smoother finishing. Do you want a traditional finishing to your pool? Then look at Bullnose finishing. Plus there are different types available which included a partial bullnose, sloping bullnose, and rebated bullnose. 

Materials used

Pool coping can be done by using various materials. They are

  • Original stones obtained from the natural sources. They are bluestone, travertine, limestone, slate, granite, sandstone, and so on. It is a bit expansible but still utmost hard-wearing.  Some stones are supposed to be sealed. 
  • Pre-cast Concrete pavers have different textures, patterns, and colours, and a best choice for money. The uniform thickness will give an even floor.  
  • Bricks are the cost effective option, which will be a good match with your pool fencing, theme, or to your home. 

There are many colours, patterns, and designs are available in these materials. They can be easily installed, it prevents the water flow from the pool so there will be no damage or water marks. Sealing will help the coping damages from chlorine, salt, and exposure to element. Non-skid is sufficient to prevent or reduce the unfortunate accident.

An Option

If you don’t like this method of coping then you can extend the concrete or the wooden deck to the point of the pool rim.  It results the smooth, incomparable view, these are very much adorable for your modern stylish home.  


Look is another part if you are looking for safety. All we love adventures, risking your time is not a wise idea of an ideal man. Pool coping is not just an accessory work but, the safety measure that every pool should bear around it. Don’t risk the lives of your loved one with your ignorance. No matter how big, what size your pool is. Without coping is like body without soul. It is not too late, you can install pool coping right now. 

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