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How To Resurface a Concrete Pool Deck

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Have you ever felt exhausted of your pool deck? Concrete Pool Deck, can be over coating for your pool deck without annoyed or removed off the existing concrete while resurfacing.

Resurfacing the pool deck is a kind of procedure, which is, repaired the smashed concrete deck. It will add some extra power to your pool deck. It seems like a thinnest cement layer with the combination of sand & polymer resins. 


Best Pool Deck Coating Paint for Pool Deck:

Here, some of the best pool deck coated paint, for resurfacing option.

  • Concrete pool deck paint
  • Spray texture overlay
  • Stamped concrete overlay
  • Rubber coating systems

Concrete pool deck paint: This is the most low-cost resurfacing option & also very easier to apply. But it doesn’t for long last years, it would stands up to maximum 1 year. It has high cost for maintenance fees.

Spray texture overlay: It is one of the famous coated paint, this choice has subtile textures, very comfortable and safest paint. It has also some customized colors, comprehensive styles. It has also known as coolest deck.

Stamped concrete overlay: Stamped concrete, is kind of process, to fix your smashed issues on concrete surface and also add some attractive surface, which looks like brick, wood, stones. It is very costly option, which is very effective.

Rubber coating systems: Mostly, it has been used in the playgrounds with liquid rubber coatings which is pouring on old pool deck. It is very soft and safer with collection of some colors. 

Mostly, today’s cover products may comes up with the blended resins of cement, sand and other components for the improving the concert,  slide resist and cope up with the older pool deck. It will protect from UV rays, chemicals and scrapes. 


It has some options to create pretty view as you want. It has some kinds of colors, textures, and other effects which are more.


We would like to give some choices of colors, it ranges from radiance to gallant and lively. It has some customized colors for your lovable pool.

Textures, Patterns & special effects

We could have some precious designs using some cut, aggregates, some kinds of textures, border lines, star patterns. It might be seems like a wood, sleek materials, which is the surface will also be long-lasting while you can cover it with complete that protects from stains.

How much cost to resurface a pool deck?

The cost of resurfacing pool deck will be more reasonable, mostly while resurfacing pool deck costs based on per square feet. While the cost high, it will add some customized designs. Probably, you mostly eager to finish your exterior work, with the guide of expert. He has been some experienced work and acquaintance to complete your work in time.

Tips for resurface Your Pool Decks

  • Resurface with tangible pool decks material
  • Refinish with multi-colored pool deck cover
  • Recolor with pool deck paints

Installation Of Resurfacing A Pool Deck

Here, is an outline of the pool deck resurfacing steps, based on your choice products:

  1. Plan – the surface might be floor or treated with chemicals
  2. Clean – any dirt or trash will be removed with vacuum cleaner or hoses.
  3. Blend – the cover product will be mix well, meanwhile with any customize colors.
  4. Concern – the substance is sprayed and enhancing methods will be added. 
  5. Stop – once the coated was over, a sealer will be functional to make your pool as long last for many years.

Types of concrete stains

  • Water Based Concrete Stains
  • Acid-Based Concrete Stains

Water Based Concrete Stains

While applying the water based concrete, mostly the perfect temperature is 70°F. By applying this stains, the temperature should be lower than 45°, it takes more time to drier. While the temperature has 90°, it will remove the stain by overcoating.

Acid-Based Concrete Stains

In which the acid-based concrete, probably the temperature among 59° & 70°F when you apply. But the stain application, will results occurrence, while compares to water-based stains The staining process will occurrence similar issues to water-based stains but if the warmth has too high or low.


This article, will help you to resurfacing a pool deck. it will guide to find the variety of coated paints and designs for a pool deck. To keep your surface in good condition, with the help of using a vacuum cleaner or broom to remove dirty or trash for every week. And also you just spray off the surface to remove dusts. By using the concrete coated paint, it will protect from UV waves, chemicals & scrapes.

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