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How To Select The Right Pool Fence For Any Shape And Size

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Safety is everyone’s first thought while start doing anything new. Still you don’t have kids, pets, or trespassers; a pool fence is a necessary thing for all pool. You should have one at least for legal approach and insurance provider. Before entering into the water think twice whether your pool is built under all the legal things and at suitable environment.

Why does a pool need fence?

You may ignore this as an unattractive and extra expensive work for your pool. But consider your family’s and friend’s safety. 

Child Safety

Kids love to spend the splashing moment around the pool but at the same time they should be in a safe zone. Approximately 10 percentage of people die every year because of unfortunate drowning, among them 2 percent are kids.

It is very hardly preventable, because we cannot shield our kid’s happiness with our over concern but their safety should be on your check. Pool fencing is a partial protection from accidental slipping or drowning. Still alarm is required to alert you, it completes the protection needed for your kids.  

Pet Safety

Dogs and cats can manage to swim in your pool but they don’t have enough knowledge that how to get out from the pool. All they try to do is keeping their heads up to prevent water entering into their opening. They will try their utmost to be afloat but after a while they will get exhausted. If you don’t want any misery, install pool fencing. 

Common Safety

Not only kids and pets, elderly people and others can accidentally slip in your pool by an algae groove or few drops of water.

It will severely injure them no matter how hard you tried to keep them the algae or waters from your pool. Even an expert swimmer will be drowned if they get any injury.  

Install pool fencing and lock the opening if it is not in use. 

Pool Fence

Like the one you installed the fencing fore and back of your house, there are a lot of different types of pool fencing are available on the market. They are differentiating one from other by the material and price tag. 


Powder coated Aluminium fencing are extremely weather resistant. They require less maintenance and happily available in various designs.  


Solid and highly weather resistant, it will be a good choice with concrete post. The solid fencing is the strong option to keep away kids, pets, and trespassers. And make sure there will be an ultimate barrier before the pool. If you want to see your pool from the far distance, you can choose slatted option for your pool. 


Glass fencing is the most expansible option among our list, plus it does add the look of your pool. Meantime it will give a great view from the far. But if you are living in an extreme weather glass fencing is not a good choice.  


Wood fencing has multiple choices like style and design, plus it require a lot of maintenance work. If it’s natural, stained, or painted, all needs to be clean, strip, or repaint the wood after it facing a hard times. Wood fencing are cost efficient and eco-friendly, you can put fencing around your big pool at least cost. 

Wrought Iron

Iron fencing is strong, heavy, and durable for many years. But that long time needs regular maintenance. Long exposure to sun and rain leads to iron rust. So you need to regularly sand and paint it from rusting and collapsing.   

Chain Link

Chain link is a cost efficient option for your pool fencing but, it is not a strong choice of safety. It can be climb easily, so kids and pets can cross across the fencing without much effort. 


Are you looking for a fence which will give you an absolute privacy? Consider PVC. This hardened plastic is rigid and durable. This can be designed in various size and shape. 


The Effortless and cost efficient option, a mesh pool fence is not a recommended one it can be push away with the post. But it is a good choice to keep away the small creatures. 

Metal type

Are you looking for Wrought iron, aluminium, or steel fencing? You can choose a few styles of option. It is not about the look of your pool but will give heavy protection. 

Double Top

Double top fence has an extra horizontal bar along the top of the fence. It is completely aesthetics, and in few cases attractive designs are added between two top horizontal bars. It can’t stop climbers. 

Loop Top

Along with attractive bars, this model has horizontal metal bars, which are none like other models, this one creates a loop.  

Flat Top

As in its name this fence has flat tops. Vertical bars are connected to the horizontal bar and touches both top and bottom line of the fence. 


The wire fence has heavy steel and not like wire but it is like hollow cables. It is extremely weather resistant and durable than other styles.

Characters of Fence

You might thing all the pool fencing are having the similar action so there will be no specification. But there is some features that you should know before going to buy one for your pool.

Hand and Foot holds

Every individual will worry about their beloveds, especially kids. Pool fence can keep them out from your pool if only they are toddlers. But what if they can walk or even a little climber? Plus the decorative things in your fence, particularly sharp edged or easy to climb features will trigger them to climb over the fencing, what if unfortunate thing happens? Regretting will be not change anything. So make sure your fencing has no space for climbing. 

Gap width

The bar fencing even if it is wood or iron rod, keep one thing in mind the in-between gap of two rods should not be an enough space for your kids to squeeze inside.  Plus small animals too pass through this gaps.


Are you worrying about your kids and pets safety from the pool? You can perfectly install 4 foot tall fence. But don’t forget that only your kids are going to grow but not the fence, so later you suppose to reinstall fencing a bit taller. Concerning about the money, why not firsthand install a bit highest fence. 


Some fences are available in connecting model. At any point of the fence you can disconnect and reconnect as you wish. But remember the connecting thing is solid so it will be a bit harder to perform. 

Ground clearance

You should mind that there will be no clearance between the bottoms of the fence to ground. 


Are you ready to install the fence of your favourite to your pool? Once you have installed it there you will be half ready to face the summer time without tension. All these require how finely you pick your pool fence. Plus pool alarm will add extra to your pool safety. 

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