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Pool Heater Vs Heat Pump What Is The Difference

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Our generation running a fastest race, we don’t be satisfied with what we are having. We want more and so the summer season, factually the swimming pool season.

We are not feeling full with the allotted period of time, are we? So how to increase your pool time, Can anyone would go for swimming at the freezing winter? Why not? You can by installing either pool heater or heat pump.

Even glamorous thing about having them is, you can take hot baths which will nurture your cellular system at winter season.  

Both Pool Heater and Heat pumps have a similar action that is maintaining the water temperature at a comfortable rate. Still, their goal remains the same but each has different functions. Are you going to install a swimming heater? Then, this article will be very useful to you before deciding on the machine. 

In this article, we are going to explain what is the difference between them and which one is best than the other.

Heat pumps

Are you the person who is so much concerned about our environment? Then, consider the Heat pumps for your swimming pool because the heat pumps generate heat energy which is totally un-harmful to our surround.

How can that be possible? Everything is possible on the hands of technology. The heat pumps generate heat energy by directly absorbing the heat from the surrounding air. Then with the help of compressor, it increases the temperature of the water which it stocks.

The remaining cold air is released out by the machine through the top duct. According to your surrounding temperature the machine will function like if the surrounding temperature is high the machine will heat the water very quickly or if the surrounding air is so cold the machine will take some quiet time to heat the water.

The optimum surrounding temperature for the machine to obtain the effective result should be more than 50 degree Fahrenheit. If yours surrounding temperature is less than 20 degree Fahrenheit, you suppose to wait for at least 1 to 2 days to get the comfortable temperature in your swimming pool.

The heat pump sucks the surround air and absorbs the heat in it, so the operating cost is comparatively lesser than the pool heater which is 5 times lesser than the pool heater. It might looks a bit expensive but the money you are about to spend on it will save more money in its operating period. If you maintain it regularly it will last longer than 10 years. The heat pump is suitable for both in-ground pool and above-ground pool. 

Heat Pump Advantages

  • It consumes comparatively very lesser energy.
  • It requires lesser energy hence, Lower energy cost.
  • It comes with easiest installation process.
  • Best choice for optimal temperature, it works very finely with high temperature reagions.
  • It comes with very much cost efficient while looking for low operation model.
  • Rarely require repairs with regular maintenance.
  • Proper maintenance increases its life expectancy up to 10 years.
  • It is harmless to our surroundings hence, it is Eco-Friendly.
  • It has relatively less operating cost.

Heat Pump Disadvantages

  • It becomes ineffective at 50 degree lesser surrounding temperature. hence, it is not suitable for coldest environment.
  • It is slightly expensive among other pool heaters
  • It works very slowly, so you suppose to wait for sometimes before swimming.
  • It looks a bit expensive for installation process.

Pool Heater

Are you looking for an effective pool heater to short time run? You should consider Pool heaters. It comes with various modes. They are it can run on natural gas, electricity, or propane which produce heat energy to heat the pool water. It is not recommended for long term running but for short-term usage.

It can generate heat in-spite of lower the environmental temperature. It has coils which generate heat energy on this or through this water is allowed to pass through by this method water is heated for your pool.

Before buying pool heater you need to consider which of the required source is abundant to your living area.  You should know which of these is cheaper on your area like if gas is less expense than the electricity you can go for the pool heater which works on the gas. Electric heater requires more electricity to heat small pools; hence, electric heater is not suitable for large pools but great for small and compact pools like spa, hot tubs, and small indoor pool.

Pool Heater Advantages

  • It comes with lest initial amount while comparing with other pool heaters.
  • It heats the entire pool in a short time.
  • It can work on any temperature.
  • If you have the existing gas line, installation is very much handy.
  • It heats the water 1 to 3 degree per hour.

Pool Heater Disadvantages

  • It has high running cost.
  • It requires proper maintenance.
  • It is not comes under Eco-friendly. Hence, it causes harmful effect to our surroundings.
  • It comes with various moving parts. 
  • Which one is better and best from these two pool heating methods?

Before deciding which one is best for you, you should think and find answer to some questions by yourself. They are,

  1. How long this brand is finding its place on the market? 
  2. Are there any customer complaints over the product?
  3. How many days or week would you use them?
  4. How big is you pool, spa, or hot tub?
  5. Do you want an instant result?
  6. What source is cheaper at your surrounding?
  7. Do you have an existing gas line?
  8. What is your budget plan?
  9. What type of area are you living at like is it tropical, polar, or sub-polar?

Once you can answer this long list of questions, you can find out which type of heating method is best for you and your pocket.


Are you looking for an effective method to heat your swimming pool? Both pool heater and heat pumps are best according to your requirement. If you want budgeted product at initial stage, you should consider pool heaters or you are fine with any initial price but should run with low cost then you should consider heat pumps.

Will you use your pool all time and wants heat water at each dive then you should go for heat pumps or if you are not the one who use the heat water very often but still wants to install one for other case, you should go for pool heaters.

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