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How To Properly Maintain Your Pool Cleaners And Filters

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Are you planning to build our own swimming pool in the backyard? It is a glamorous idea indeed but what are you planning is just an outer look, how about the hardcore? How will you retain your pool’s cleanliness?

The answer is, regular cleaning and doing some maintenance methods. If your pool lacks proper maintenance, very soon the water will get a green look with all algae overgrowing, clogging, cloudy water, damaging filters, and totally your pool’s all system will collapse.  

You should understand the basic requirements of your pool cleaning procedures so then you can avoid simple and common mistakes of every budding pool cleaner.

In this article we are very glorious to share our expert’s ideas to assist you with your pool cleaner and filter maintenance.

Know them better

The first step is, you need to know what are the things which hinder your pool cleaners and filter good shape. Whatever the accessory things you have installed in your pool, there are certain things which you would have always concerned over their quality. They are water, walls and floors, filter system, and skimmer.


I kid you not, you should check your water quality to maintain your pool cleaner and filter properly.

The good water has to be clean, clear, and chemically balanced. Hence it not only protects you and your family from various invading disease causing microorganisms but it also keeps your pool cleaner and filter free of corrosion and erosion, the major problems which seize the function of your pool cleaners and filters.


Walls of your pool are a closest pal to the surface water and the external things whatever that enters your pool. By keeping them clear from mould, algae, debris, and dirt will boost the longevity of your pool cleaners and filters.

Filter system

The Filter system pumps out the water into your pool, circulates it throughout the entire pool system, and gets away the dirt and trash from the pool. It has to be maintained properly with a planned chart.

If you fail to maintain it, this will cost your entire pool time and make it worse even to step-in by forming it into a cloudy and polluted mess.


Every pool cleaning tool has its own skimmer which will draw out the dirt and trash away from the water by simply engulfing them and segregating the unwanted from it and the return let the cleaned water to freely pass into your pool system again. 

Do you want to extend the life expectancy of your pool cleaner and filter?

You should follow three things to make it possible. They are,


You might know that river water is cleanlier and hygienic than the lake and pond water. Do you know the reason behind this?

Here is your answer; river water is a constantly running one so the dirt and trash will be thrown away and so it won’t let the microorganism and water bugs to relax over the water surface.

Whereas in pond and lake, the water is stagnant so there will be no trashing away the dirt and garbage items from them and also it gives shelter for water born insects like mosquito, water bugs, and others. 

As well as the good circulation, reduce the algae to flourish in your pool. But how to have good water circulation, use pumps and filter maximum hours you can afford. Let the pool pump run at least 10 to 12 hours per day. This will keep your swimming pool water safe and clean for all time use. 

Another way you can improve the water circulation is by backwashing your filter system. Are you wondering how to backwash your filter system? As it mentioned in its name itself, backwash is the reversing water flow into the filter system where the dirt and aggregated contaminants will be removed from the filter system. 

Plan the cleaning schedule

With good circulation you are half the way ahead for well planned pool cleaning. Yet, you need to perform some hardcore moves which require physical cleaning with materials like pool cleaning brush, net skimmer, and swimming pool vacuum. 

You should be alert with common things which are standing behind the uncontrolled bacterial growth. Those birds excrete leaves, molds, and larvae of some water borne organisms like frogs, hair, body wash, shampoo, and other unwanted things. 

 Robotic pool cleaners are a great relief from the painful manual cleaning. But still it requires some manual work along with it like scrubbing, brushing, and skimming. Give a simple manual cleaning once for a week, this will keep your pool clean, safe, and sparkle. 

Maintaining the water chemistry

Don’t be frightened with the title, this is not the chemistry where you are supposed to find out the unknown salt, patience required titration, molecule estimation, and so on. This pool chemistry is a plain and simple method which you can learn with a one time learning. 

Easy to check kits are available on the market which will help you to test the water chemistry with simple method. You should know the things which are present in the water and among them which will affect and improve the water quality. 

There are three most important parameters you should look after in your pool. They are,

Sanitizer level: This refers to the total amount of chlorine, bromine and other chemicals present in your pool water. This may vary due to the different sanitizer ingredients. 

pH level: it is an analytical method to calculate the acid and base range of the pool water. In basic nature the pH level is high whereas, in lower pH number the water is acid. The optimum pH range is 7.4 to 7.6.

Alkalinity: functions as a pH buffer by maintaining the acidic and basic range without letting them take over one another. Baking soda is a cheap and effective pH buffer that you can use for pH buffer. The recommended range is 100 -150 parts per million (ppm).

Never forget to give a shock to your pool

After a heavy rainfall your pool needs a best chlorine shock and also make sure you are doing it only at night, because sunlight can breaks the chlorine, before the latter starts to work on you water. Shocking will clear off cloudy appearance of your pool next to inhibiting the microbial growth. 

Simple and playful way to remove oil

The floating oil and body lotion will let you in a awkward position. Are you tired of all the brushing, scrubbing, vacuuming, but still fighting with the oil droplets which float over the water surface? Throw some tennis balls at your pool. I kid you not, this will work out. The balls will adsorb the floating oils droplets and be the reason behind clean and non-sticky water in your pool. 

Prepare for winter

When your pool is not in use, do close them with cover. For prolonged life expectancy you should properly winterize your pool before winter. Pool cover not only protect you pool from dirt and dust but, along with that it protect the water from evaporation of water and chemicals. 


Protect you and your family with well maintenance. Everything with required care keeps you far away from tension and worry. So spend some time on certain things which you desirably developed for yours and your family’s best. 

Your luxuries swimming pool needs some attention may it be a skim, vacuum, or shock do them without ignorance. Hence, whatever you sowed will be obtained for new harvest with massive outlet. 

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