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How To Choose The Perfect Inground Pool Slide

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In this article, we will discuss the best inground swimming pool slide. A swimming pool slide is a type of water slide, it is designed for pools. It has different riding methods and various sizes. It has water running down it and that it used for sliding down into a swimming pool.  Mostly slides are installed at the end of the pool corner. Let us discuss how to choose the perfect ground pool slide. 



First, we have to seek about the pool slides. They have various sizes from tiny to large size.  Tiny size slides are proposed only for kids, and the large size slides are accumulated for the young ones. A pool slide, it makes for everyone to enjoy, it should be comfortable while slide into your pool. 

Flume Size

A  Pool Slide, it has an effortless landing with a curve in older days. But, now-a-days, there are many curves and turns for sliding into a pool. Kindly, choose a pool slide based on your pool, then you have a better look and sufficient space. It feels very enjoyable for all age groups of people.


There are some of the pool slides which are offered in white & blue color, it has some advanced materials to manufacture the pool slide, with the help of textures and blends.


Some of the latest pool slides are manufactured in fiberglass or polyethylene plastic. Both of these products are made to look classy or pretty.  It is mostly chemical-resist, corrosion and comfortable, shall not fade color. It is made up of acrylic, and may fade through the sun.


A swimming pool slide can be very costly in the market. Most of the pool slides are average price about $3,000. Slides are many varieties like tube slides, customized pool slides which look very pretty, it is about more than price like $18,000 and even more.

Safety Measures

When you have a swimming pool, you should have safety precautions. But today, pool slides come along with protection features. When you buy a pool slide, you should seek the approval from the Consumer Product Safety commission. Because, it has tested the product. Further information, kindly check the website of the Consumer Product Safety Commission. And also had properties like easy to grip handle, enlarged slide and sleek high ramparts on the slide cascade. 

Types Of Pool Slides

  • Straight Leg Pool Slide
  • Molded Leg Slide
  • Stream Pattern Slide

Straight Leg Pool Slide

It is one type of pool slide, it seems like the straight from the top with an edge of curved shape. It has an open and closed staircase to make it easier to access and airy space. It is usually suitable for families. It along comes with the stairs, and works for a stepladder. And also perfect suits for smaller pools.

Mold Leg Slide

This type of pool slides, with curve and sheared designs are mold leg slides. The slides are from right-side curve to left curve slides nearer to your pool. We can choose the size which depends on your pools. Mostly, this type of slides can be upto 8ft – 10ft tall. 

Stream Pattern Slide

It has fantastic designs, it best suits larger swimming pools. It is also called an elephant leg pool slide.  We can choose the size which depends on your pools. Mostly, this type of slides can be upto 13ft – 14ft height. So, they are more suits for easier space

Water supply

A pool slide, it can work with water and also without water, but a water slide for an inground pool, to be more funfill and enjoyment for most enlarged models. While the water shrinks resistance, then we can travel behind the slide quicker. 

Some suggestions should follow while slides:

  • At a time, only one person while slides
  • Please ensure that there is no one else at the end of the slide
  • Don’t intake alcohol while you are in the swimming pool and slides.


In this article, we would discuss the review of inground swimming pool slides. It brings us as much entertainment, joyness and pleasure as your pool occurrence. Investing in your pool is a great thing to enjoy with your family. Happy Swimming!!!

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