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4 Different Types Of Pool Plaster Which One Is Best

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Enjoy your summer time in your beautiful lively swimming pool. Swimming makes you stress-free and keeps you still at the relaxed state. Swimming improves your health by builds muscle strength, and keeps your cardiovascular tissue at finest range.

It helps to maintain a perfect body weight, healthy heart, and lungs. Plus, tones your muscle and strengthen it. Finally it is the best way to get into shape. It is the ultimate workout for weight-loss.

Are you planning to build your dream swimming pool before this summer’s crust? Are the measures that you are taking to build it?

Do you know what actually needed for the swimming pool to feel like the one, which you have seen in magazine, movies, and other spots? A solid pit or water, aside this it requires plaster.

Why do plaster mandatory for your pool? Mere concrete or gunite pool having the surface grazes. Plaster is simple but may sounds expensive but not more than having a healthy skin.

This grate sometimes causes injuries to you or your family. How to prevent them? Plaster is final work to be done to your swimming pool construction. It is the factual thing which gives swimming pool its look.

If you want your swimming pool to be look like the one in magazine, then you should consider the better choice of plaster for your swimming pool. To do that you need to know what is plaster and what are the types of it available? 

What are plaster and its function in in-ground pool?

Plaster is a combination of white sand or marble aggregate, cement, and water. By using flat and round-edged trowel builder apply the plaster to the concrete pool.

Despite of the boring white cement, colours can be added. Plaster gives a compact intact for the pool water and provides a smooth textured floor and side walls of your in-ground pool. Plus this final touch gives beautiful look to your pool.     

Different Types of Pool Plasters

There are different types of pool plasters are currently available on the market. According to your taste and interest you can choose your pool plaster among others. Firstly, you should know them individually. Let’s know them,

White Marble Plaster

Do you want a perfect spa finishing to your pool? Then you should go for White Marble plaster finishing to your in-ground pool. It is the standard option and very famous around the current pools.

It is an ancient plaster which is originated at the time of first ever pools were built. Still this one remains as popular once it was. It is a simple composure of white cement, white marble aggregator, and water.

These are the things required for this classic pool plaster. Hence it is very much economical. It will last up to 12 years which is more than a decade and it may go long according to how favourable your pool’s native climates. 

Diamond Brite 

Do you want your pool’s bright look to last for a long time in spite of the harsh climate? Then consider the Diamond Brite. It is a combination of long-lasting quartz aggregate and white cement. Hence, it won’t fade away that much easily. Even it won’t go away with harsh chemical. 

Have you got bored about the same regular colour of your pool? The Diamond Brite comes with 17 different tropical colours.

The colour of your desire will be mix while the composure is at its manufacturing period. This plaster will last for many years without fading, wear-resistant, and evenly mixed. The plaster will last up to 12 harsh years. 


Do you want your in-ground pool to look brilliant and eternal? Your desire is valid, consider the Quartzscapes.  It is the combination of crushed quarts, colour tints, and white cement.

This blend will give an incomparable appearance to your pool. There are 16 different brilliant colours are available for its combination. The quartz crystals are the world’s toughest mineral which will strongly bind with colours.

This will give a superb combo with cement which will last for ages. This plaster will last up to 15 optimum years. 


Are you looking for a plaster with natural look? Then you are the right person to have this Pebble Tech. This finishing is deals with the polished pebbles. The natural pebbles are polished to give a feel of slightly bumpy and non-slippery.

This distinctive plaster makes your pool to immerse with the original landscaping and water attributes the livelier pool. This plaster is available in 18 different breath-taking colours.

Pool Plaster Advantages

  • Plasters are comparatively cost efficient.
  • It is very famous option for concrete pools.
  • Plaster will give an ideal look to your classy and plain pool.

Pool Plaster Disadvantages

  • Plaster is rough to the touch with most concrete pools.
  • Algae growth can’t be prevented so your pool requires weekly maintenance and yearly acid wash.
  • Irregular water chemistry leads to crack, stain, etch, and layer.  
  • On the time laps blended colour of your plaster will fade away.
  • For concrete pool, plasters only long for the least years.
  • Some common plaster visualizes the trowel marks ever quickly. 


The final touch of your pool building will determine the look of your in-ground pool that is nothing but the plaster. This is very much mandatory and you should pick it very much wisely. Along with that it will determine how often you want to replace it. Because some plaster are much more durable than other.

You should consider your money and time before picking the plaster of your desire. The water chemistry should be maintained properly to increase the durability and colour of the plaster. 

Plaster installation is a time consuming process and tough job to be done finally to your in-ground pool. You can hire a professional person to finish this finest job.

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