Robotic Pool Cleaners

Why Do Robotic Pool Cleaners Are Worth Spending?

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It’s pretty cool to spend your summer time in pool, chilling with your friends and family but, are you exhausted over the post-cleaning process. House with swimming pool are many people’s fantasy but cleaning it is a nightmare.

Manual cleaning of pool is a huge burden with too many scrubbing and vacuuming for hours. Stop wasting your time in pool cleaning, and it’s time to switch into robotic cleaner.

Spend zero time on cleaning your pool. Are you fearing over spending money on it? It’s worth to spend your mere money on Robotic pool cleaner, which will save your valuable time.


What are the features of Pool Cleaners? 

Updating your out-fit is not enough, along with update your home appliances. Upgrade into new level by investing in robotic pool cleaner.

They are all-rounders likewise they are developed. Keep your head clean from all doubts about your pool’s tidiness. They are equipped with its own power system and can filter both micro and macro particles in your pool.

They are most suitable for inground pool cleaning, additionally some products can clean the outer surface of pool, no matter what they are built of. For your concern above ground cleaner are not recommended to clean the sides of your pool.

For your betterment give a concern over cleaning coverage of your desire and important extra features.

Common robotic pool cleaner will clean the floor but not the wall. Are you looking for a robotic pool which will clean both the floor and wall? You might need to put some little money in a more expensive model. A model with boasts customized cleaning modes, remote controls, and scheduled cleanings you might need to spend some more. 

What is best Manual or Robotic Pool Cleaner?

Equipment for manual cleaning are may be low cost but will cost more time and physical work. They might be suitable for above ground or small size pool. If you have a big pool, and “a man of time” then Pool cleaner are your best pal to keep crystal clear and sparkling view of your pool.

What are the types of Pool Cleaner?

Mainly there are two robotic pool cleaners: Suction type and Pressure type. Suction type are best for cleaning micro particles, which needs to incorporate with your pool’s filtration system. Pressure type moves both bottom and sides of your pool by using the water pressure in pool. It will collect trash and dirt in a bag and a best choice for cleaning macro particles. Their filter require periodic changes.

How do Pool cleaners work?

They are designed to collect all types of trash and dirt away from your pool, like dry leaves, water bugs, pollen, algae, and other unwelcomed visitors which makes your pool looks ugly and untidy. Regular pool cleaners are dependent, which has to connect with your vacuum line or pool’s skimmer. Robotic cleaner  works independently, which has their own power system and onboard filters, and so they are less needy.

Best Robotic Pool Cleaner in Market – Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus 

The Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Vaccum works in very quiet and efficient manner need a bit user interaction. It’s a best option for one who wants to their pool to be a flawless sparkling place at all time without spending more time on cleaning manually.

Unless depending on your pool’s skimmer system or Vaccum line, Dolphin Nautilus uses its own power supply to move around your pool floor and climb the wall.

It is ideal for inground pool and can manage pools up to 50 feet in length and unstoppable worker for maximum 2 hours cycle cleaning. It builds under CleverClean technology, has capable to scan and map the floor which results systematic, perfect pattern cleaning.

Powerful suction 

The standardized onboard filters in the Nautilus Plus will traps common debris, like water bugs, leaves, and so on, and a set of finely folded filters and powerful 4500 GPH suction rate will take all micro dusts. A hatch on top of the vaccum makes it very handily and clean the filters whenever required.

You needn’t to use it often to maintain the freshness of your pool, since it promised to retain your pool’s sparkling look within an one go with its pitch clear navigation process helps it to cover all part of your pool including the walls.

High speed scrubber 

Clean your pool effortlessly with the Dolphin Nautilus Plus with double scrubbing brushes which are high speed front and standard back scrubber, and high class filtering capability. You can be calm without doubts about the cleanliness of your pool’s floor, which are on Check of the Nautilus CC Plus. It is an independent worker, which doesn’t require additional equipment to perform the cleaning process. 

Weekly schedule

Pool cleaning is now easy on press of a button. Schedule the Nautilus Plus CC to clean the pool each week by three settings which are every day, every other day, or every third day. Pool cleaning have never been easier than now. 

Floating cable

60 feet Tangle free cable provide easy moving around the pool. It can float over the water surface likewise it has been designed. Make sure the power supply is kept at least 12 feet far from your pool.

Also never forget, if you want to take out your Dolphin gently pull the cord, when it is in your reach please use the hatch to lift it from the water but, not the cord. Always use stabilizer of electric outlet with a Ground Fault Interrupter(GFI) device; this will protect your Dolphin from surges in power.

Avoid using extension cord or power your Dolphin. When your Dolphin is in use leave as much as cable for its need, roll the excess cable away from the pool. When storing your Dolphin on a caddy carefully wrap the cable, which will ensure there will be no kinks and place it on the caddy. Once in a week plug out the cable straighten out, leave it under sun for few hours. This will keep your cord free from tangles. 

How to start your pool cleaner?

To begin the cleaning plug the floating cable to the power supply, align the lug on the connector with the notch of the plug on the power supply, then turn clockwise. Press the ON/OFF switch to on the power supply. Your Dolphin’s power supply is not water proof but water resistant. While using, make sure it was safely lies on caddy or placed far from the pool, so it doesn’t subjected to pull in. 

How to increase the longevity of your pool cleaner?

Take out your Dolphin from the pool after each clean to empty and rinse the filter and rinse off other materials. It is advised to take off your Dolphin from water and stored away when not in use. If it is scheduled for a weekly cleaning then leave it in pool as it is but, make sure its filters are all cleaned. 

Why Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus is the best robotic pool cleaner?

  • Onboard filter system makes cleaning easy.
  • Devoted power supply ensure their safety.
  • Robotic Vacuum keeps your inground pool clean and clear.
  • Automatic navigation
  • Duel scrubber performs back and front.
  • Cleans all type of floor and wall.
  • Set up free
  • Acts just like skimmer system.
  • Expensive but worth it.

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